Forty Two Hours!

David proposed on Friday April 19, 2013. He lit 36 candles because he knows I like even numbers and… You know what? The proposal story isn’t what I started this post to talk about!

On the Sunday after he proposed, I realized that I had been engaged for 42 hours and had not tried on a dress yet! So I called up my sisters and managed to rally Becky, Eva and Mary to go with me to David’s Bridal to try on a dress or two. We showed up with no appointment and had about an hour to search the racks and look around. It also gave me a chance to call my brother Chris and sister-in-law Janette to let them know about mine and David’s engagement.

I definitely felt the absence of my mom during this outing, and I really missed her when I found myself falling in love with elements of different dresses. It was also hard not having the input of my sisters-in-law -Janette and Val.

While looking through the racks, I was drawn to lace. I was also (surprisingly) drawn to trumpets, mermaids, and fit-and-fairs. It wasn’t that I was looking for clingy or tight fitting dresses; I was looking for lace and the dresses I picked just happened to be that style. I can’t remember if it was the second or third dress I tried on but it was the first one to make an impact. It had this wonderful top on it where the lace at the top kind of came down… You know what? It would be better to just show you a picture.

You can see I kind of rocked the dress. It looks awesome on me, but I wasn’t quite comfortable. I loved the top! But the bottom was too tight I didn’t feel like I could walk around or really be myself and be natural in it because it was just too tight. I couldn’t move my legs above my knees and that was really tough. Also, as my sister Eva pointed out, I might have a bikini body but I choose to wear one piece bathing suits and skirts. This dress felt like a bikini of a dress. Which sucked! Because I still love the top.

The next one I remember trying on was an A-line with bling on the bodice and gathered lace… I liked the silhouette, but HATED it up close. I actually cried because I liked the line of this dress and it made me sad that the “first dress” that I talked about above wasn’t at least A-line.

Either before or after that I tried on this one.

I don’t really even remember trying it on! So I can’t tell you a whole lot about how it felt except that this is the dress that let me know but I wanted something bigger and poofier! Oh, and I liked the corset back.

After that I remember trying on was gigantic ballgown with lace appliqué all over to make it look like it was all lace. It was satin underneath the lace and was absolutely gorgeous… Almost…

There were so many things about this dress that I loved! I loved the lace on it, I loved the A-line line of it, I loved how big it was and I loved the train! I don’t have a picture of when they bustled it but the bustle made me feel like a princess! Seriously, I would have walked out of the store with this dress… Except… That it did not have sleeves and whoever designed it for some stupid reason decided to turn some of the lace brown in parts. Do you believe it!? Why brown! Who does that? To a wedding dress! It was gross :-(

Yeah, if they had kept the lace all white, been able to take the top lace part from the first dress, and add a corset back, that would have been my dress…

So now we knew I wanted a ball gown, and I shocked everyone by saying: “how about I try no lace?” So they brought me this

I hated it.

The last dress that I tried on was a ball gown. It was simple, it was beautiful!

This dress was just satin, it had no lace. It did not have sleeves at first, but they put sleeves on it made out of ribbon to kind of show what the dress would look like with sleeves, and at this point I cried!

This dress made me feel awesome! It had sleeves like I like and it had enough going on that I felt fantastic. It had no train so they put on a cathedral length veil. I felt like a bride.


I tried on eight wedding dresses that day and had to call it quits because I was getting confused.

Now I have had a week and a half to kind of digest and process the experience. That day, I really was feeling the last dress and thought it could be my dress. But since then I have had the lace dress with the wonderful flower sleeve detail, and the ball town with the icky brown lace in my mind way more than the last dress. I am so glad I didn’t buy it.

I learned a few things on this shopping trip. One is that I have to be comfortable in the dress, and be able to move. Another is not to wear that silly old flowery bra to try on dresses as it kind of detracts from the look. I also learned that my sisters are super supportive and really helpful in making me see what works and what doesn’t, and they listen to me well too. They felt with me the mixture of emotions I felt and I think they too appreciated the void that existed as a result of not having mom or Val or Janette there.

On May 11th I will be going out with my 2 sisters-in-law and my 3 sisters to look at dresses again. And this Sunday I will be going to a bridal show with some of my peeps, so maybe I will try on dresses there.


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