Our Epic Failventure!

Oy zee zoy! What a day! Gotta say, it was not what I expected from the day when I woke up…

The plan for today was to go to a bridal show in Mississauga with three of my nieces and two friends. But by this morning the number had dwindled to just me, my niece Allie my friend Sarah (who drove us in her dad’s de-hockeystink-ed SUV – had she known there were only 3 of us she would have brought her own car). After a brief stop at Tim’s we were on our way! Sarah knew where we were going and got us there without trouble, though when we got there, parking proved to be a bit of an issue… It took us a while to find a spot, let alone one for the big SUV.

When we finally got inside I was pretty excited for my first wedding show! I even briefly forgot my coffee at the registration table! But my excitement was short lived… There was not much to the wedding show. A few tables with food, a few photographers, a dj, a corner with some (notmystyle) wedding gowns, and a paper flower making company – this I found interesting because David and I want paper flowers for our wedding. I told the woman at the booth about our paper flower idea and asked for pricing if we were to provide the paper. She said her usual rate is $2.50/flower, but if we provided the paper it would be about $1.50/flower. Yowza! But seeing the flowers in person made me like the idea more!

Before we knew it, we were done with all the booths. It wasn’t even an hour of our day! I know I wasn’t ready to end our outing, so I asked the girls if they wanted to look at bridesmaid dresses. They agreed, and I attempted to find bridal shops using my phone. I found one just down the street! We went there, and though it was a store with fancy dresses, there wasn’t a single wedding dress in sight. As we were leaving, I commented: “well, that was a fail.” Allie agreed, saying “unless you want a dress for a beauty pageant.”

A few taps and swipes on my phone and I found another store for us to check out. If you’re interested in the dress stuff, I’m putting all that in another post under Saying Yes to the Dress… And here it is!

So after this little dress adventure, we went to the car to go for a quick visit to Michael’s to get a wedding binder and maybe get some food on the way… but when we got to the big SUV it seemed the clicker had broken because the doors didn’t open. Sara used the key to open her door the old fashioned way. Then she used the button on the door to open the rest of our doors. Nothing happened. It was shortly after this that Sarah realized she had left the lights on… The battery was dead. We had a little giggle then went into this huge chicken wings restaurant just down the plaza from the dress shop to ask for a boost. A dude from the kitchen came out and drove his car around to boost us, but he couldn’t figure out how to get the jumper cables onto the new-fangeled batteries. At this point Sarah suddenly remembered she has CAA! She asked if she should call them and the dude was like “you should have done that from the start… They’d be here by now.” So… I climb into the car to put the jumper cables in the trunk. We couldn’t open the trunk from the outside with the battery dead! Then Allie and I sat in the car while Sarah made the call. I only heard snippets of the conversation… “Yeah, it’s an SUV. It’s silver… It’s a something — Equinox… Oh! It’s a GM! It says so on the door!”

We went back to the wing place for a late lunch while we waited for the person to come fix the car. They had a build your own salad with so many options it excited my stay on ww plan part of my mind. 3 points for lunch at a restaurant… SIGN ME UP! Of course I used that as justification to add three chicken wings to my meal at 6points a piece… Sigh.

Sarah left to meet the CAA dude even before the food came, and by the time she came back, Allie and I had just about finished our meals. The battery in the car had been killed real good and needed to be replaced!

When we got home my wonderful fiancĂ© was looking a little worse for wear. He had a pretty bad headache and had been helping with the two littlest of my nieces all day. I brought him a bottle of coke and asked him if he wanted to go look for a wedding binder with Sarah and me. He said no, so I headed out briefly again. We couldn’t find one though. Sadface.

All in all it was a really fun – if unexpected day!

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