Our Epic Failventure! The dress edition

After the fail that was the budget friendly bridal show (see Failventure) we decided to look for bridesmaids dresses. I had concluded after my first experience that I’m best to share the emotional experience of wedding dress hunting with my sisters, and I planned to try none on this day…

My GORGEOUS niece Allie became our bridesmaid dress model. And as you will see, she makes every dress look good!

I have a wide age range and a diverse variety of body types in my crew of (12?) bridesmaids. So I have kind of planned for them all to wear a variety of styles that they each feel comfortable in, but I also wanted to get a sense of what is out there.

This is the first dress Allie tried on. I like pretty much everything about it, except that I would really like the dresses to have sleeves. I also thought it was a bit too old for Allie, but could be a contender for my more mature maids.

When I picked this dress off the rack, I immediately thought it would be one for my niece Mia (another bridesmaid). it is also, surprisingly the only non-chiffon dress we picked. I like the sleeves, and the length. Though, I’m unsure about the tight fitting-ness of it. I think I would like to see my girls in fuller skirts.

Sarah and I both could see Sarah in this dress, if something could be done about the rather deep V-neck as Sarah could be seen as buxom.

The colour of this dress hurts my feelings. But I like the asymmetry of he gathers on the skirt. I like the natural waist, and the belt can be ordered to match the dress colour. Which will be dark green… I forgot to mention that earlier. Oh, and again it needs sleeves.

Now… This dress I LOVE! I love all the different layers on the skirt, I love the flowy-ness of it. It feels magical! All that is missing is cap sleeves.

We concluded that Tasha might like this one, but the three of us… Not so much.

This is a sister-dress to the magical one that I loved. We thought it looks a bit more grown up and might be a good complimentary dress for my more mature maids to wear… If we decided to go the 2 dress styles total way.

I love the skirt on this dress and love that it is not strapless. It has some whimsey, and that makes me happy. I also love that the icky flower is removable. It’s up there for dresses I love, though the green magical one is still in the lead.

After trying all the dresses on, we wanted to see what the two sister dresses would look like together. I think the frill at the top of the one I’m wearing, and the bottom of the one Allie is wearing look really complimentary. Just imagine them both in a deep hunter green and Allie’s with cap sleeves.

As we were leaving, I noticed a wedding gown with a lace skirt. The lace was appliqués on different layers of soft tulle. It kind of peeked out… See?

I kind of had to try it on.
What I like: The fullness of the skirt, the idea of the coverage at the top, the different layers of lace peeking out.
What I don’t like: The tulle, the actual jacket that comes with the dress as coverage, the fact that the jacket is removable and the dress is strapless.

Then the lady who works at the store gave me this one to try on…

What I like: The fullness of the skirt, the way the lace cape that comes with it can be changed into sleeves. The lace that trickles down onto the skirt. The A-Line that does not cut off at the waist.

What I don’t like: The tulle, I like the lace top from the first dress from my first trip better than the way the lace top from this dress would be modified to be.

The lady from the store also suggested I try this dress on…

I hated it.

When I got home, I showed David the pictures of the bridesmaid dresses. The two I liked most, David HATED! He strongly opposed the ruffley skirt, and didn’t think it looked magical at all. Sadface. I have to say that I am so super stoked that my fiancé is excited about the wedding planning, and that he wants to be involved. It really is awesome that he’s not like “Whatever you want, dear…” but our differing opinions on bridesmaid dresses makes me a little nervous for his reaction to the wedding dress I end up getting because I want something magical and fantastical… Sigh…

What I have learned on this trip is that I might want to take David with me to look at bridesmaids dresses. I also learned that I do like chiffon for bridesmaid’s dresses and that I don’t like tulle. Which is good… Because I can narrow down my search. It sucks though because the fabrics I do like (lace and satin) cost more than tulle. Again, sigh…

Sidenote: Bridesmaids – if you’d like to comment on the dresses, I’d appreciate it.


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