17 Dresses!

So, if you’ve read my 2 previous dress posts (Forty Two Hours and Our Epic Failventure! The dress edition)then you know about dress shopping trips 1 and 2 and dresses 1-11… Well on May 11th, I went out with my sisters Mary, Becky and Eva and Sisters-in-law Janette and Val. We had an appointment at Windsor Bridal for 11am. I had a hard time waking up as I thought it was 8something when I got out of bed when in fact it was 9something. Oops! Then on the way to meet up with all but one of my ladies at Mary’s house my thumb – out of reflex – went to touch the band on my engagement ring… My stomach went cold! It wasn’t there! I left the house without my super awesome engagement ring because I had taken it off to put on moisturizer and forgotten to put it back on, so I had to turn around to get it. I felt wrong without it on my hand, I needed it. That was a weird feeling as I’ve never been much of a jewellry wearer and I really didn’t think I would get used to it so quickly.

The ring is just a thing… All be it a beautiful, priceless, unique and sentimental thing… But it’s the symbol more than the ring itself that I don’t want to be without. The symbol of the start of mine and David‘s new life together.

So yeah, with the ring back where it’s supposed to be I rushed to Mary’s. Late… As usual… And me and my sisters piled into Eva’s car and Becky drove us (after a tims stop) to Windsor Bridal where we met up with Janette. Janette got there before us and was starting to get nervous that she had gone to the wrong store when we showed up. We were JUST in time for my appointment. It was 10:50-something.

The lady who was helping me told us I’d probably have time for 8 or so dresses, and we pulled six. The first dress…

20130517-182911.jpg …was an automatic reject despite the fact that it was almost all lace like I wanted, because it was an A-line and nowhere near pouffy enough.

The second was a full ball gown it was organza and flowwy, with rhinestones scattered on the skirt giving it sparkle. So totally not what I had been looking for but pretty fantastic.

20130517-183913.jpgBecky loved it, but I didn’t like the line that broke up the skirt and the bodice.

20130517-184356.jpgAnd looking at the pictures I’m glad I didn’t choose this one because it kind of makes me look chunky.

Dress number 3 was also not what I had wanted. For as long as I can remember I have said no beading. No applique and definitely NO beading. NO bling. Well this dress has beading. And I felt gorgeous in it. I felt like it had that fairytale element that I have wanted, as well as having some wonderful elements that I fell in love with. Sorry, no pictures of it. It didn’t have sleeves on it though, so I wasn’t sold.

Next I tried on this one.

Again, it had tonnes of beading, but unlike the previous dress, I wasn’t comfortable in it. The beading on the sides I thought looked gross, and it also was picky on my arms. BUT I liked the cap sleeves…

…and the back of the skirt was kind of nice.

Dress 5 was lace, and kind of pouffy with a crinoline under it, but I didn’t like it.
It didn’t have that WOW that I wanted.

Despite being all lace.

Dress 6 was one that Janette picked because it reminded her of something I would have worn when I was younger…

Yeahhhhhh… No.
I look preggers.

I also tried on one that Mary picked to show me the lace top… It was not right.

Now if you’ve been keeping track, you’ve probably noticed that the title of this post is 17 dresses, and I have now mentioned 18. Well, you see after all these dresses, I decided to put Dress 3 back on. There was something about it that I just couldn’t get past. I asked about sleeves and they got a couple sample sets of cap sleeves. I don’t like strapless. I feel much more myself when I’m covered. I don’t want pictures of me on my wedding day where it looks like I might not have anything on. As Eva mentioned on my first outing, I might have a bikini body but I swim in one pieces.

The cap sleeves changed the dress entirely for me and I suddenly could see myself walking toward David at Holy Cross Church wearing this dress and I cried. I also had images of sharing this moment with my mom… who was still in hospital and I cried harder. I thought she would love this dress… I was so torn because I didn’t think I could find something more beautiful for me to wear, but I also missed my mom so more crying. My sisters were all super supportive, and they weren’t trying to pressure me one way or the other. The sales woman asked me a couple of times if this was my dress, and I couldn’t answer. I knew that I had found my dress, but I also knew that that meant I’d stop looking, and my mom wasn’t part of this experience. I wasn’t expecting to find my dress that day…

After a lot of thought and finally concluding that I could not find something more perfect for me anywhere I finally said aloud that this was my dress! And then came the ordeal of figuring out the price, paying the deposit and signing the order form. The dress was out of my price range, and with the cap sleeves… Sigh. BUT we managed to get them down to $100 above my budget and each of my five sisters said they’d give me $20 to cover the overage. So I decided to go ahead. They wanted 75% of the price as a deposit and I felt the world spin and my Tim’s breakfast start coming up! I had to hold onto the counter to keep myself up. Mary managed to get the guy to agree to 50% down instead. Still, that was a lot of money, and though I had room on my credit card for it, I was freaking a bit. I don’t usually spend this kind of dough without a lot of planning first. Again, I missed my mom and I cried again.

Eventually I got the nerve up to actually do it. I walked up to the counter, signed the paperwork and paid for half of my dress. Phew! Then I went to lunch with my sisters. Want to see what the dress looks like? Well, I have decided not to post it on my blog. I want some things to be a surprise! :-D

Sidenote: Thank you Becky for giving me photos of the first 2 dresses



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