Sometimes I am blown away by the amount of generosity people are capable of.

Yesterday when I saw my mom, she gave me a wedding planner and inside she had written that she will pay for my wedding dress and in the pocket opposite she had put a cheque for the amount of the deposit I put on my dress. I was floored by this!


It says: Yes I made all of the dresses and paid for your sisters too. It is with pride and pleasure to be able to pay at least for yours love Mom

My mom made the dresses for my two oldest sisters and my two sisters-in-law. When my sister Eva was getting married my mom was no longer capable of making her dress, but she paid for Eva’s. With all that has happened with my mom recently I really wasn’t expecting her to be able to help me out in this way. I teared up a lottle bit.


Words can’t express my gratitude.

Today while I was at work, I got a text from David that he had received a raise (which he had requested a while back) and then he received a very special surprise: a $1000 bonus for us to use towards the wedding! I didn’t know what to say except “Tell them I say thank you!” I still can’t express how awesome this gesture is.

Between these two amazing gestures David and I are starting to get excited to start planning our wedding!


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