Into Darkness

My wonderful fiancé took it upon himself about a week ago to arrange a trip to see Star Trek: Into Darkness at the Ultimate AVX theatre for a bunch of us. For those who don’t know – Ultimate AVX stands for Ultimate Audio Visual eXperience. The screen is larger than the regular movie screen, and there are more speakers with a better surround sound system. The seats are larger and have reclining backs, they are also leather so if someone spills pop it doesn’t soak into the seat to surprise and soak the next moviegoer. But the best part of the AVX theatre is this: reserved seating! When you buy the tickets online you will be taken to a screen that shows you a map of the theatre and all of the seats already selected as well as all the seats available. It looks something like this:

So you pick where you want to sit, and when you get to the theatre of fuss no lines, and best of all no Harvey Seat Hoggers! Just go in and take your seat!

Anyways! David managed to get 6 of us together for the show last night, and he selected the seats. He has a specific spot in the theatre that he has deemed the best, and it works for me! David handed out the tickets at the theatre and we all got our seats after getting our snacks.

For a big movie I was surprised that there were not more trailers before Star Trek: Into Darkness; there were only 4. Superman, Elysium, World War Z, and Anchor Man 2. Maybe I’m weird, but I really like the previews, they get me excited about what to see next and they also re- set my ADOS(Attention Def-Ooh! Shiny!) brain so that when the movie begins I am briefly at a loss to what movie I am actually there to see. For me all of that is part of the fun of going to the movies.

The movie itself is very hard to talk about without giving spoilers, but I will try my best. The acting is pretty great and each of the actors really seem to take ownership of these characters which had been made iconic by other actors before most of these new actors were born! They do well at holding onto the uniqueness and (quirkiness?) of the originals while infusing them with their own life. The movie itself is fast paced and with some good doses of tension and humour.

We saw the movie in 3D. If you have read my Oblivion, Jurassic Park and Iron Man post then you’ll know my feelings about the whole 3D thing. I will, however, say that JJ Abrams does put the 3D to good use, even causing members of the audience to reflexively “dodge” items. There were times while watching this movie that I was pulled out of the Star Trek universe by this thought: “Gee, Mr. Abrams really wants to make those Star Wars movies, eh?”

I also must admit that while Mr. Abrams must think lens flares are the coolest things EVER!!! I, sadly, do not agree. I find them distracting and just plain annoying. You’ve spent all this money on the set, and costumes, and actors and everything else, Sir, please let us see them!

BUT! All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, despite the fact that I had the biggest reveal spoiled for me just days before seeing the movie. I will definitely be seeing this movie again! If you like Sci-Fi and/or action flicks, then I’d recommend this movie, even if you’re not a usual Trek fan. And if you are a Trek fan, there are definitely some treats in this movie for you.

This is David’s take on the movie.

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