Dress Stress

It has been almost 2 weeks since I surprised myself and all my sisters by buying a wedding dress. I remember how gorgeous I felt in that dress, I remember the little details that I love! Every time I look at the pictures I can see how beautiful it is. But there are some little things that worry me…

I bought the dress before having a date for the wedding. I told them that our date is still to be decided and they said that was fine and that I can call and let them know as soon as we have our date. They put on my forms that the date is May 1st because they need a date to process it. I’m worried that if we get an early date (March or April) that the dress won’t be ready in time.

I know that I added cost to the dress (which I didn’t actually have to pay technically because they lowered the price for me) by adding on the sleeves, but they really make the dress my own. The sleeves are going to be custom made for the dress and are going to be made to match as closely as possible to the dress… I’m worried they won’t look the way I picture in my mind. I’m worried they will look like an add on.

The dress I chose zips up at the back, and I know that David told me he likes the corset back the best and then buttons… A zipper would be his last choice. I know that I like the look of a corset back the best too, and I’d have to stress less about alterations and weight loss/gain with a corset back, but I don’t think I could justify spending money on the dress to put in a corset back. Which makes me worry about weight gain/loss. I lost a good chunk of weight on weight watchers a few years ago, then I gained that amount PLUS more, now I’m maintaining my Lifetime weight, but only barely… What if the dress doesn’t fit because of stress eating or a lack of appetite?

My dress is a beautiful, big, dress, with sparkle and a train… It’s pretty fancy looking. It isn’t a cheap party dress by any means. Now, if you’ve read my Rant then you know that David and I have a rather limited budget for our wedding. I’m a little worried that my dress will be too fancy for the actual event.

Are these normal worries? Am I blowing this whole thing out of proportion?

I know that the most important thing is that David and I will be husband and wife and every day there after we will be together. Everything else is icing and filling. I try to keep that in the front of my mind, but these little things creep in the back.

One thought on “Dress Stress

  1. Sound like regular bride-to-be worries, I’d imagine they’re normal :) there’s more than enough time to get the dress ready, even if you do decide on an earlier date, just give them enough warning. David loves you no matter what you wear, and although we joked about what he would and wouldn’t marry you in but we all know that he would probably marry you in just about anything. He’s going to love it corset or not because you’re wearing it.

    As for too fancy… ARE YOU NUTS! It’s YOUR day to be extra fancy! You are the one we sets the tone of fancy!!

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