Game of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones. Most of you have probably heard of this book and now television series… Even if (like me) you have never read/watched it.

If you are shocked that a self proclaimed nerd like me hasn’t sunk her teeth into this series then it might surprise you to learn that I am one of the least – if not the least desensitized 30 year old you will meet. So when I found out about the graphic violence and sexuality in the series it really turned me off of it.

So when my neffy-poos invited David and I to play the board game based on this series I was not too excited. But for quality time with 4 of my favourite men, how could I resist? Of course, after trying to follow the 26minute YouTube tutorial video about the many layers of game play, my excitement waned again – and was replaced by confusion.


As the boys set up the game I noticed that one of the Houses was red and gold with a lion as it’s crest… Gryffindor! I was like “Ooh! I wanna be them!” but I was informed that they are actually quite un-Gryffindor and I was like “Oh, never mind… I don’t want to me them”. But as luck would have it, I ended up playing the red and gold un-Gryffindor house. I spent much of the game as my nephew Josh’s pawn. He ended up winning and throughout the game, I engaged in 1 battle… I can’t even remember if I initiated it… I know I played quite conservatively, but In the process I gained a lot of power, and that was fun! The game only lasts 10 rounds, or until one player captures 7 castles (whichever comes first) and it took me about 9 rounds to feel like I was starting to get it.

We decided to play a second game and I ended up playing the black house with the squid on their crest. They are apparently a more aggressive house, but again I played conservatively, though this time as no one’s pawn. After about 6 or 7 rounds I saw an opportunity to capture my 7th castle which would end the game, but also make less of a late night for David and I, as we had agreed to drive the youngest of these nephews back home. All I needed in order to win was a little support from my fiancé. He didn’t support me and I failed to capture the castle. I got a little grumpy for a round or two.


But all in all the game was a lot of fun. And although complicated at the start, I learned pretty easily once I started to get into it. I really like that the game has a definite ending. I also like that (although knowledge of the series probably adds a lot to the game play) you don’t have to know anything about the stories in order to enjoy the game. I look forward to when we can all play again!

One thought on “Game of Game of Thrones

  1. I’m dumb, I should have let the game end earlier, and I should have helped you win. I’m sorry that’s not what happened… :$ I was singleminded in my resolve to crush your nephew so he wouldn’t win again.

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