Photography and Me

I love pictures. I love being able to step back in time by looking at a picture.

I’m not a great photographer, and in the days before digital I was bad at developing the rolls of film I’d use in my point and shoots. In the time I’ve had digital cameras I’ve been bad at getting the pictures off my cameras and onto my computers and at a loss for what to do with them from there.

There have been a few times now, though, where I have picked up David‘s camera (which I only really feel comfortable doing because of the part I played in him getting it) and taken random shots. David has given me some lessons on the rule of thirds, and focus and zoom and depth of field… Which I have understood maybe a third of! But he has also been an encouraging teacher.

After I take the pictures, David is good about taking them off the camera and storing them. He also posts the pictures he likes to Flickr or Facebook, or like he did tonight, he sets them up in a Dropbox for me. We make a good team!

I have actually had fun using his camera, and taken out my Iron Man point and shoot on occasion recently too. I have also enjoyed seeing the pictures David has taken. Quite a number of which have ended up on this blog!

Game of Game of Thrones the top pic is David’s the bottom is mine
Generosity both pics are David’s
An Investment in our Future Memories all 3 are David’s

Here are some other pictures I have taken.

This pic was one in a series of pictures I just kept snapping. It’s also his current Facebook profile pic.

This was during our Game of Thrones day.

David’s hand flipping the pages of the wedding organizer we got from my mom.

My beautiful niece, and my handsome fiancé looking at the wedding organizer again.



One thought on “Photography and Me

  1. You do a great job with the camera hun. I really appreciate you taking an interest in the camera you bought and all the gear I have. Slowly, but surely, you’ll learn everything I know (which isn’t much). :) It also reminds me that we should get you a free flickr account to store your canyon pics and stuff I have on my laptop…

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