Almost a month, 22 posts (including this one) and over 1000 views into my blog, I have decided to discus my WordPress experience.

The choice to use WordPress for my blog was an easy one. My fiancé works for a company that makes a plugin for WordPress and it is what he uses for his blog. That means free tech support and help getting started.

David set up my account for me and simplified my settings to hide features I’d have no use for. He then downloaded the iPad app for me. He had never used the app before, so I was kind of flying blind with it, but I have found it pleasantly user friendly! So much so that the couple of times that I have used the website since then it has been frustrating to use because the user interface is so different from what I am used to.

Here are some of the features I like about the iPad app and WordPress itself:

– it is easy to add pictures to the text
– posts can be password protected
– there is no need to know any html coding (or any coding language for that matter)
– links can be added easily as can formatting like boldface and italics
– it is easy for other people to comment on posts, but you can choose whether or not to approve a post before it is made public for others to see.

One feature that I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate is the stats section. WordPress creates a daily summary showing how many visits your site gets as well as how many views and which posts were viewed.

For me this information makes me feel more encouraged to write because I can see that people are interested in what I have to say.

Now, all of this isn’t to say that learning WordPress has always been a bed of roses. There has definitely been a learning curve and little things that bug me.

Some of the big things that bug me about the app are:
-pictures are automatically added to the end of the post, so either you have to interrupt your train of thought to upload a picture or you have to select the picture from the bottom, making sure you have all the code that surrounds it, cut and paste it to where you want it and then preview to make sure you did it right.
– in order to link to anything you have to open it up in Safari to grab the URL to link to. I wish that to link to another of your own posts you could grab the URL from within the app.
– if there is a way to change the theme from inside the app, I don’t know how to do so.

It also bugs me that even though I have my settings such that when I publish a post, it is supposed to share it on facebook, password protected posts are not promoted. Though I guess some other people might complain if their password protected posts were promoted on facebook. I think it would be a good solution to have a way for the blogger to decided what types of posts they want promoted by default. This could save me the headache of having to open a previous link on my facebook page in my facebook app, navigate to the new post and then share in order for the people with the passwords to know that there is a new post they may be interested in reading.

All in all, though, I am quite happy with WordPress and my blog.

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