Great Weekend with Family

On Saturday we went to Ancaster to celebrate my oldest brother’s 50th birthday. Chris had a big celebration or this milestone, it is even more of a milestone because by the time he was 50 our dad was already altered by Alzheimer’s Disease.

On Friday night, David and I prepared a little bit of fruit salad to take to the party.20130526-144954.jpg

We had been told there would be about 100 people there, and hoped there would be enough to go around.

There were several acts to Chris’s birthday, first was a coffeehouse reunion… 20130526-145307.jpg
Chris and some church friends who formed a band for coffeehouses at their church performed some of their greatest hits while a slide show played on the wall behind them. 20130526-145316.jpg
Even mom was able to get out of the hospital for the day to celebrate with us.
Chris ended this act by playing and singing the version of the Our Father that our dad composed. Of course, my face fell off.

The next act was a buffet of yumtastic food and mingling in the back yard at Chris and Janette’s house.
I got a chance to chat with some of my relatives that I rarely see. Cousins… Aunts and Uncles… And family friends who are as close as family.
I also got to catch up with some of Janette’s family, and share David’s and my engagement story and my excitement about wedding stuff. We also tried to take some family photos…

There were 2 huge cakes… 20130526-152238.jpg
Which were delicious!
And our fruit salad was a wonderful addition to desert. Almost all of it went! There was about 2cups of fruit left over.

The last act was a Bon fire.20130526-152437.jpg

Wonderful and nice and warm! With more wonderful music.
Despite the chill in the air, the whole day was truly a wonderful celebration of family, friends, faith, and health.

Today we’re just chillin’, watching the Indie 500, and eating left overs. More good times!


2 thoughts on “Great Weekend with Family

  1. I was worried about meeting a bunch more people. I am just getting to the point where I can remember most people’s names… but it was an amazing time. I’m glad I was able to come and participate. Your family rocks hun! :)

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