I Can’t Sleep

Sigh. I have snippets from I think 5 different songs in my head. My nerves are rattled. And I’d really like to sleep. I keep thinking about stuff I should have done today but somehow missed doing…

My car has been at the shop since Sunday night. It needed an oil change and needs new tires and an alignment. My mechanic and I were playing phone tag all day about it… And the car won’t be ready ’til tomorrow afternoon.

David and I have our first meeting with the priest about our wedding in the morning, and I have to borrow my sister’s car for that. I also want to see my mom, laundry… Dentist… Then at 4 Aim and I have a phone interview about Valleys. Plus I have to pick up and pay for my car at some point. Just thinking about all of it…

It feels sometimes that nothing is going on and nothing changes! Then you blink and suddenly find that in a whirlwind everything is happening all at once.

Want it know the songs in my head?

Wizard Love – Meekakitty and Hey Hi Hello
It’s All for the Best – Godspell
Da Who Doray – How The Grinch Stole Christmas
When the Night Feels My song – Bedouin Soundclash
Good Life – One Republic

I really want to fall asleep…

One thought on “I Can’t Sleep

  1. Love. love, love that song, “When the Night Feels My Song”.
    I’m sorry to read that you are having trouble sleeping. All I can suggest to you is to try meditation – the simplest form is to lay on your back, relax each section of your body (e.g. clench toes then relax), focus on your breathing (to help clear your mind).
    If that doesn’t work – take 2 gravol! LOL! – When all else fails it works for me.
    Take care Annie.

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