Wedding Waiting Game Blues

Today David and I met with the priest to discuss our wedding. It ended up being just a handover of documentation, and took a really short amount of time for us to actually get through the meeting.

When David and I got engaged the pastor at the church I belong to and that David and I attend regularly was on sabbatical in Rome. He was there right around the time of the new Pope being elected, which is cool… But I digress… So anyway there was a fill-in priest at our church when we got engaged and we sent e-mails and called to try and talk to him about getting married in the Church, but our our pastor who was on sabbatical wanted us to talk to him Instead. So we ended up having to wait an extra month and nine days after our engagement in order to talk to the priest

I was really stressed about the meeting, until last night. And then this morning I was pretty nervous and couldn’t seem to get myself moving quite quickly enough. The meeting itself, though, wasn’t quite what I had expected! I guess I expected… More… You see, it ended up just being basically us exchanging paperwork. It really didn’t seem like something that needed to be dealt with by one specific person, it really felt like we could’ve just dropped off the paperwork with the secretary and it all would’ve been just the same. The paper work’s going to be scanned and emailed to Hamilton to be looked over so we can get approval for marriage and that should be sent by the end of the week and it should take us a month to hear back about whether or not we’re allowed to get married in the church. This is frustrating.

We will be getting a new pastor next month and we’ll end up having to talk to him about getting a date for our wedding. Although I’m super stoked about the new priest we’re getting, and I’m happy he will be the one marrying us, it’s still kind of frustrating. It’s hard for me to just sit here and wait.

I’m looking forward to planning the wedding, I’m looking forward to looking at venues and figuring out budgets and everything like that… But that’s hard to do when you don’t have a date, prices change so much throughout the year and it’s hard to plan a budget when you don’t know when you’re getting married. It’s kind of impossible to know if the venue is available or not when you don’t know when you’re getting married. It’s hard to pick what kind of dresses the bridesmaids should wear when you don’t know when you’re getting married. It’s hard to know what kind of food you should go with at the reception because you don’t know what’s in season when you don’t know when you’re getting married. Everything kind of hinges on when you’re getting married.

The first questions people ask when they find out you’re engaged are when are you getting married? Have you picked a date yet? We don’t know. We won’t know for another month. It seems like two months just… Wasted. No planning, no figuring things out.

I feel like when we finally know when we’re going to get married there will be too much to do and not enough time to do it all in.

I know patience is a virtue. I know that the most important days are the ones that come after the wedding. We just have to get to after the wedding.

When can we get married?

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