Comic Con Niagara

On Sunday, David and I took two sons of a friend of mine to their first Comic Con event. It was in Niagara and surprisingly small. I have only ever been to FanExpo in Toronto and that is huge! With so many people there on cell phones that it is nearly impossible to send and receive texts before the cell network crashes and so many Q&A and panel sessions that it is impossible to see everyone you’d like to see.

Comic Con Niagara was tiny! They had one conference room for Q&A’s and a marketplace room about a quarter of the size of the one in Toronto. The main stage was a platform raised about 6 inches off of the ground. This Con was definitely more intimate than I am used to. But the smaller scale was actually nice.

The boys didn’t want to go to the Tim Russ Q&A which was basically the big drawing feature for David and I. But we all felt comfortable with them taking the hour we were in the Q&A to look around the marketplace, and then we would all meet up for lunch. Cell phones on and working, we were good to go.

We were in the second row for the Tim Russ Q&A. Tim Russ played Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager, a show that David and I are currently watching from beginning to end. We are on season five of seven. It was cool to hear him reflect on his time on that show. He also had great insight into the business of entertainment. He spoke a bit about the way reality TV makes monetary sense. And why big TV companies don’t want to make high budget awesome sci-fi shows like the Star Trek’s of old. He said it doesn’t make financial sense for the networks because they would be working at a deficit for about five years, and they want big-money fast. He also spoke about the new independent Star Trek project that he’s working on.

After that Q&A David and I met up with the boys. They were very happy, but ready to sit down for a bit. David and I showed them to a nice sitting area overlooking the market place just outside of where we had been for the Tim Russ Q&A. Conveniently enough, Dave Prowse Q&A was going to be in the same room. Then David and I took a chance to tour the market because we hadn’t had much of a chance before Tim Russ.

We met up with one of the boys down in the marketplace despite a cell phone malfunction. A feat much harder to accomplish at fan Expo!

There were also a fantastic amount of people dressed up, and some cool bits of geekery to check out including some old super Nintendo games! And some Potterheads actually stopped me to take my picture! What?

The David Prowse Q&A was also pretty good, and we got to know a good amount about his life outside of being the man behind the Vader mask.

All in all a great day!

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