Common Interests

One of the things that add joy in a friendship is sharing common interests. I am super fortunate that my love of music, reading, writing, going to the movies, and car rides to nowhere as well as my interest in specific genres of music, and fiction are shared to varrying degrees with everyone I value. Of course, we won’t ever agree on everything… In fact one of my closest friendships has been based on shared interests but vastly different opinions on those interests (that’s right, Aim).

Since David and I met at SciFi speed dating at FanExpo, I think it’s safe to say we share some common interests. A few days back we decided to start writing a story together. Most authors would probably tell you that writing is a solo process, but David and I seem to be thriving in this collaboration. We’ve done some awesome brainstorming and really appreciated eachother’s ideas. The story just seems to write itself as characters appear and we give them substance and personality.

I acquired my love of storytelling from my dad who wrote many children’s stories. I started writing my own stories when I was about 10. I started with short stories and wrote several that at the very least had a completed first draft. At about 14 I started trying for a longer story… I have started at least 7 would-be novels that have never reached completion. I didn’t do much creative writing in my 20s as it wasn’t a shared interest with my social group and what I had written and shared (a fantasy novel that takes place in the lost time after Fairy Tale) was not well received. But I have always felt that there is a great story inside me waiting to be released.

Working on this new story with David has really fired up my imagination and made me feel more like the creative and imaginative girl I was in my teens and early 20s. And I am so glad we have this shared interest.

If you’d like to check out the story, you can start here.

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