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Sam swallowed the last of his bagel, flicked the power switch on his tablet and stood up to leave. “Well, I better get going.”
Kya smiled at Sam as he walked past her, and put on his long wool coat. “It isn’t cold out.” She said.
Sam shot her a look as he began buttoning up the coat.
“Right… You’re a reptile.” Kya winked.
“Gotta hold onto what heat I have. I can’t make more.”
“Sounds like an anti-Super.”
Sam rolled his eyes. “I can’t wait for summer.” He said as he wrapped a red scarf around his neck.
Kya giggled lightly, and thought to the thousand times Sam had complained about the temperature. “You definitely live in the wrong country.” She said half joking.
“Only in the winter.” he said as he opened the door.
“It’s April!”
“Yeah… Winter!”
They were both laughing as he closed the door and headed off to work.

Kya looked around the apartment and noticed that Sam had already closed the blinds, darkening the living room. She took out her phone and set a reminder Thank Sam for being so considerate. She slipped her phone in her pocket and her shoes off her feet. Her foot flailed wildly as she attempted to kick them towards the front entrance. Taking her first steps towards the living room, she looked at the door to her bedroom in the distance and felt it was too far away. Her eyes settled on Sam’s long, black leather couch with the grey and black decorative throw blanket perfectly folded and placed along the back.

“Do I sleep or stay up?” It was a question that Kya always had to ask herself switching between night shifts and day shifts. As if in response, a reminder buzzed on her phone. Go to sleep. The day’s a total write off when you don’t. Kya cleared the message without reading it. She knew what it said, she had read it countless times before.
As she stumbled towards the couch, Kya set an alarm on her phone for two hours, and then struggled to remove her bra without taking off her t-shirt. She tossed it on to the living room table and she told herself aloud, as a self-affirmation, “I will not oversleep. I will make use of my day off.”
She let herself flop backwards onto the couch and the chill of the leather passed into her body. She pulled the blanket over her body and shut her eyes. For a moment, she thought about turning on the television to have some background noise, but before she could even grab the remote, Kya drifted off.

In what felt to Kya like an instant, the alarm noise blared through the apartment. Kya looked at her phone and noticed that she had, without really waking up, set the alarm to snooze twice already. “Crap.” she said slowly lifting her still heavy body from the couch. The warmth of the couch and blanket beckoned her back into their embrace, but Kya knew if she slept any longer, she wouldn’t be able to sleep that night.
Her phone buzzed, right as she shut her alarm off, letting her know she had received a text message.
>Hey K, want to come see me at work?
Kya didn’t even need to look up who the message was from, as only one person called her “K”, it was Amelia.
Kya struggled to get her body to move and type out her response.
>Ya, see you soon.
Kya rubbed her eyes and then looked across the living room at the bathroom door. Her first attempt to stand failed, and she fell back into the warmth of the couch. She hesitated to try again, thinking instead that she should just message Amelia and say, “Decided to sleep.” Amelia would understand, and a quick battle back and forth raged in Kya’s mind. The winning side pushed her up and towards the bathroom to start her zombie-like day.
The bathroom light nearly blinded Kya as its glow illuminated the small room. The mirror reflected back the large dark circles under, and the bloodshot veins in her eyes. “Well, this sucks.” She said in a half angry tone as she stripped off her clothes and turned on the shower. The dark green bathmat on the pale tile floor was soft and warm on her bare feet, and the steam poured from over top of the shower curtain as Kya waited for the shower to reach the perfect temperature.
The water pressure blasted her as she stepped inside but she felt both more awake, and calm. “I could stay in here all day,” she thought. She imagined the water sandblasting off all of her negativity, frustration with work, and the horrible date she recently had.
The blinds in Kya’s room were open, letting in the early day light. Her clothes strewn about in the laundry basket on the floor and upon her unmade bed, it took a minute to select an outfit. She decided to wear her dark wash blue jeans, and a t-shirt she had purchased from the Internet with characters from her favourite web video show, as they both fit her loosely. After she found socks, underwear and a new bra, she dressed herself as quickly as her energy would allow. As she was about to leave, she decided to grab a grey zip-up hoodie because although it wasn’t cold enough for Sam’s coat, she knew there was still a crispness to the air.
She absentmindedly threw her mostly light brown curls up into a loose ponytail bun, allowing the purple streaks to shine for all to see. She glanced in the living room mirror to confirm the bun had had the desired effect, and grinned.
Kya locked the door as she left the apartment, and began to walk down the dreary hallway towards the elevator. She watched as the lights announced which floor it was on, and just before it arrived on her floor, the fifth floor, Kya tapped her back pocket. “Shoot, my phone!”
She ran back towards the apartment, slammed the key into the lock, and threw the door open. Snatching her phone from the bathroom, she turned, and bounded back out of the apartment towards the elevator. Kya arrived just as the doors slammed shut. Turning on her phone, she realized that she only had three minutes before the next bus came. She grumbled. “I wonder if there’s a Super to fix forgetfulness.”

She typed out a text to Amelia as she pushed through the nearby doors to the stairwell.
>I might be a bit later than I thought. Trying to make the bus. I’ll let you know.
Kya knew that Amelia wouldn’t be able to answer until her next break.

Kya held both rails in the narrow stairwell and barely touched the stairs as she ran down, she burst forth from the building into an alleyway. Winded, she continued to will her body to move quickly towards the bus stop at the front of her building. “Why do I always cut this so close?” She chided herself arriving just as the bus was closing its doors. Kya tapped on the doors and pleaded with the driver using her eyes. The door swung open, and Kya sat down, extra exhausted. She could smell the sweet aroma of coffee from another person on the bus, only a few seats away, and felt her mouth water, and her mind fixated on the warm beverage. She began to count down the minutes until she could drink the tallest coffee that Amelia’s shop served.
She threw on her headphones, and let the music and the coffee smell carry her away.

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