Paper Flowers

With no date for the wedding, I have been struggling with planning. I feel like we can’t move forward with anything. I’ve been having dreams where we’re not allowed to get married, and I find out at the church in my dress… Or where we can get married but we have nothing ready and we have to be at the church now!

All of this may have added a gray hair or two to my head. So, with help from David and my sister, Becky, I have been focussing my wedding energy on a project for the wedding that does not need a date in order to get done. A while back (before David and I were even talking about getting married, I found a pin on Pinterest that showed flowers made from the pages of a book. And I really liked it. I showed the pin to David and he liked it too. We decided together that book flowers should be part of our wedding.

So, last Saturday David and Becky and I started experimenting with making the flowers.

20130619-235551.jpg We We started mucking about using Wicked. I tried to read it a year ago and after 140 pages I gave up. It was a good book to use to practice and learn how to make flowers. We quickly learned a bunch if things:
-wrapping the die cut flower petals around something about as thick as a pen seemed to work best
-taping the flowers was a fail
-colouring the flowers with paint worked better than food colouring
-the paper needs to be painted on both sides
-it was easier to sculpt the petals before assembling the flowers
-the flowers had a tendency to fall apart when removed from the pens.

20130619-235914.jpgAfter a couple of hours we felt confident to start working with a book we will actually use for the wedding, but before that Becky and I took a run to the store for more supplies. We picked up a daisy punch, some floral wire, glue… And I can’t remember what else.
We also went to the dollar store to get plastic tablecloths to protect Becky’s table from the paint. While we were there we started discussing the problem of removing the flowers from whatever we wrapped them on. We started looking at kids craft supplies, in particular dowels for crafts. I was wishing they had some about as thick as a pen and as short as a matchstick to attach and wrap the flowers to. Becky said the dowels would probably be too heavy and definitely be too hard to cut, and if we did something like that we’d be better with something like a straw. Then we both had a lightbulb moment! A straw! We searched the store for a box of straws, but alas they had none.
From the start our plan had included a Starbucks run, and we went there before going home. After ordering our drinks I grabbed a straw for my drink and ten more for flowers! One of the Baristas gave me a bit of a nasty look… Oh well. The straws were green!

With the new supplies we got to playing around with the real book and creating usable flowers. We discovered that we will need a LOT more paint, and we each definitely had an area of greater confidence/ability. Becky is good at sculpting the flowers, David at painting me at cutting and wrapping. We also found that layering the petals worked a lot better.
We also went with more than one style of flower.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Paper Flowers

  1. Pick up a couple quarts of house paint and dilute.
    You might be able to swing some of those $5 test pots for colour variety.

    If you do want dowel, I can get them cut for you.

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