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Sam complied, and sat down with a heavy sigh. “Accidents happen, Amelia.”
As he said her name, Amelia took in a deep breath and fought to keep her composure, but a shaky smile crept across her face. Kya lifted her hand to her forehead, embarrassed for her friend at her obvious crush.
“Yes, accidents happen.” Kya said. “But accidents happen to Normals too.”
Sam bit his lip and shrugged.
“Sure,” Amelia said, “you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. If you were a super, though, you could use your Flight, Invulnerability, Strength or something and survive.”
“You could be a Super and still get hurt by the bus,” Kya said with a little laugh. “Telepathy, Invisibility, Memory or something like that won’t save you.”
Sam rolled his eyes, and folded his arms in front of himself.
“You ok?” Kya asked.
“Yeah,” he said, “I’m fine.” He unfolded his arms and forced a smile but the tension still radiated off of him in nearly visible waves. “You girls want anything to drink? And what say we move this to the living room instead?”
“Sure.” The two girls said in unison. Moving to the longer sofa, Amelia left the spot next to her free.

Sam joined them in the living room a moment later with three drinks balanced in his two hands. Placing the drinks clumsily on the black rectangular table between the various seating options, he took a deep breath.
“Telekinesis would make it easier for you to get all those glasses in here.” Amelia said.
“But it wouldn’t save you from the bus.” Kya added causing Amelia and her to both laugh.
Sam handed out the drinks, then sat in his spot, a dark brown leather recliner that faced towards the couch, and picked up his tablet from the table beside him. “I wasn’t actually talking about that type of accident.” He said, turning on the tablet and tapping.
“Oh?” Amelia said.
“Let’s take our dear friend Myles.” Sam said in what Kya recognized as his teacher voice. “His first Super to manifest was Size. Today alone, he has been photographed at his Normal height of about six feet tall,” Sam turned the tablet to show the girls, and swiped to corresponding photos as he spoke, “ten feet tall, twelve feet tall and then he was walking down the street, a good fifteen feet tall, hit his head on this overpass… and all the pictures since then are like this, between one and two feet tall.” Sam turned the tablet back to himself. “He can’t control it.”
“Well, yeah.” Amelia said. “He’s eighteen. He’s a kid.”
“A kid who is going to find himself dangerously overwhelmed by his abilities, I’m telling you.” Sam said. His eyebrows raised in concern and he shook his head.
“You’re talking like Supers are a bad thing.” Amelia said.
“Any power in the wrong hands is a bad thing.” Kya said, thinking about Don Georgetown and even Leonard at work.
“Not just the wrong hands,” Sam said with a sigh. “You could have the best intentions in the world. Hope to be a Superhero, and still end up causing more harm than good.” He tapped his tablet some more. “There are countless documented cases of Super accidents.”
Kya took a gulp of her drink. “Wow, Sam. You’re just a barrel of sunshine today.”
“So, I’m guessing you wouldn’t want a Super even if you could get one?” Amelia asked sadly.
Sam cracked a slight smile. “No.” he said. He began gathering the papers from his tests and his favourite sleek metal pen. “Thank you for a wonderful dinner, Amelia.” Nodding his head, he continued, “But, ladies, I’m afraid I have to turn in. These tests won’t mark themselves and I need my beauty sleep.” He smiled kindly, though Kya noted that his eyes looked distant, and Sam walked to his room, shutting the door behind him.
“He’s so cute when he overreacts.” Amelia said “Hey, K, is Sam ok?”
“Um, yeah. I don’t know, I guess work must be getting to him.” Pondering Sam’s reaction, Kya realized that there was very little she knew about Sam’s past and began theorizing elaborate scenarios on what would make him so strange when it came to Supers.

“K, do you know much about First-Gen Supers or the Black Market for Supers?” Amelia asked in a hush tone, a long while after Sam left.
“Not much.” Kya admitted. “You know, I paid a lot more attention in math and science and computer science classes than I did in any of that historical or political stuff.”
“I’ve been doing a bit of research. It’s pretty cool.” Amelia whispered, and leaned in closer to Kya. “There’s a lot that is not common knowledge, but it seems there might be other ways of getting Supers.” She grinned.
“Yup. I’m going to look into it more, but if I find any good leads, you want me to share?”
“Oh, Lia, yes please!” Kya said, her words echoing in the livingroom.
Amelia brought her index finger up to her mouth. “Shhh, I don’t want everyone knowing.” Grinning wildly, Amelia continued, “Imagine us shopping on the fourth floor. Riding the train, no need for roommates.”
Echoing a more subdued but excited tone, Kya continued on her friend’s thoughts, “Access to medicine. Better schools.”
Amelia and Kya talked for a short while longer, laughing and coming up with various ideas before finally calling it a night. After Amelia left, Kya started getting ready for bed. She felt like the weight of the week had been lifted off of her shoulders just by having contact with her friends and couldn’t contain her excitement at the idea that maybe Supers could be accessible to her as well. The thoughts rolled around in her mind, keeping her awake until the sky started changing colours back towards dawn.

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