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Kya tossed and turned in her bed. She willed her eyes to stay shut but they kept opening. Every sound, which used to be familiar and comforting, now made her jump and flinch. She tried breathing deeply and counted her breaths.
One hundred, ninety nine, ninety eight… For the first time that she could remember she made it to zero without falling asleep or losing count. She opened her eyes, and turned on her phone, according to the display, only a few minutes had passed since she last checked.
Kya turned on her music to a nice, soothing classical playlist, and closed her eyes again as she tried to focus all of her attention on more positive memories. She could feel herself calming and looked forward to getting some sleep before having to start working overnights again.

Kya found herself at work, with piles of hard drives surrounding her in high columns from the floor to the ceiling. She was reminded of strange prison bars, and she found that she was trapped within her cubicle. Beyond the drives, she could see Don Georgetown looking larger than life. He was looking down on her, and standing too close to the shaking hard drives. It almost seemed like every object in the room was afraid of Kya’s boss. A strange green light from an unknown source emanated from below his chin, highlighting all of his worst features and making him look even more evil than normal. Two shadowy figures loomed behind Kya’s boss, the light reflecting everywhere but on the two of them. It was as though the two shadowy figures absorbed the light. Their eyes glowed slightly in the darkness, and a chill raced down Kya’s back. Her boss pointed directly at her and began to laugh.
A glowing apparition of Kya slowly tore itself away from her, and started moving towards her maniacal boss. Don grabbed the glowing echo out of the air and tossed it in his mouth, swallowing it whole. The eyes of the shadow figures began to glow a bright red. The red light was so bright, Kya felt it begin to burn her skin. She turned away from the lights. She could hear screaming, and when she gasped for breath she realized the screams were her own. She shielded her eyes from the light and then began to hear and feel the hard drives fall around her, shattering loudly.

Kya gasped and opened her eyes in the darkness. It took a moment for them to adjust as she sat up. She looked around her room, and pulled her blankets up around her. She was alone, and it was still night time.
“Calm down, Kya,” she said to herself. “You’re not five. It was just a dream.”
She pushed her covers back down, and glanced around her room, attempting to regain her composure. Beads of sweat all over her body left Kya feeling a little gross, but she found that she couldn’t muster the courage to leave her bed. Falling backwards into her sheets, exhaling sharply, she tried settle her mind once again to fall back asleep.

With dawn breaking, Kya’s eyes were burning. Every time she began to doze, her sleep was constantly ruined by either a small noise or her imagination of a noise. She found her thoughts were moving like molasses through her mind as she considered a day in bed.

Kya jumped and let out a gasp as her phone vibrated on her bedside table. It was Mattea.
>Hey Kya, want to hang out today?
>No. I haven’t really slept.
>Why not? You were on days this week weren’t you?
>Yeah, but we got robbed last night.
>Oh Sweety, that’s terrible!
>You’re telling me!
I hate how helpless I feel. I’m so jumpy!
It’s like I can see the guys everywhere!
>How many? Did you see who did it? Did you go to the police?

Kya could feel her blood pressure rising. Her hands shook, and she could feel heat in her cheeks.
>You know, Mattie… I don’t think I can talk about it yet.
I’m still trying to process.
I get it.
As long as you’re alright…?
>I’ll be fine.

Kya powered her phone off, something she never did, and placed it back on her table. Then she rolled over to face the wall, hugging her knees in a fetal position.

Exhausted and half awake, Kya rose from her bed slowly. Stabilizing herself with one arm firmly pressed into her bed, she wiped the crusts from her eyes. She looked at the door and felt like it was a million miles away. “I think today is a party in bed day.” She said yawning.
As Kya turned on her phone, it alerted her to a dozen new messages. Ignoring them, she loaded up the local delivery network and ordered herself a pepperoni pizza, a large bottle of pop, a bag of her favourite sour cream and onion chips and a chocolate cake. It was an expensive choice, but Kya felt justified after the previous evenings stress. With everything arriving in an hour, Kya had no choice but to change her clothes as she was still wearing her musky, sweat smelling pajamas, which made her feel dirty and rank.
Kya could hear Sam moving around in the kitchen, and for a brief moment she thought of opening the door and asking him if he wanted her to order anything from the delivery network for him. She couldn’t bring herself to open the door, though, so she turned from it and sat at the edge of her bed.
Her large display sat on top of her dresser, sighing with relief that her room hadn’t been ransacked, Kya activated it using her cell phone as the remote, and set it to the local celebrity gossip station. She surprised herself by laughing as outlandish graphics covered her screen, letting her know the importance of the latest celebrity wardrobe malfunction. Kya shook her head slightly. “Nothing like the dessert of television to keep my mind off things.”

The television blared loudly as a special report was announced.
This Just In, Myles Redwood, murderer?
The change in tone from happy to snarky caught Kya’s attention.
The reporter on screen was a young, thin, blond woman, with big teeth. She looked slightly hysterical, as she stood in front of a police line near a heavily damaged red brick wall. A blue glow pulsed behind her slightly distorting the image. She smiled before her face fell to a more serious look. “We are here in front of the Gambit Club where Myles Redwood’s party last night came to a tragic end. It seems Mr. Redwood was slightly intoxicated when he exited the club and several witnesses saw him become quite frustrated with the paparazzi following him around.”
The camera panned slightly, and the glowing purple logo of the Gambit Club could be seen. Police tape covered everything, and various officers were walking around the area.
“According to witnesses one young man, Newton Wilson, a photographer for the Uptown Press, got too close to Myles, and was struck by Mr. Redwood’s superhuman strength. He flew, as you can see, over twenty-five feet and into this nearby brick wall.”
Pausing, for effect, the reporter turned and gestured with her outstretched hand, the camera panned and zoomed towards the wall. The bricks were smashed in a slightly oval shape, and a thick, red substance coated the affected area. Kya recognized it as blood, and found her hand jump to her mouth in surprise.
“The Police have put up a protection field, quarantining the area until their investigation is complete. They’ve taken Myles Redwood to their precinct pending a trial. For more information on the health of Mr. Wilson, we turn now to Jason Lu at the Merciful Redeemer Hospital. Jason?”

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