Valleys Video Links

Last summer, a bunch of young adults whose lives had been touched by Cancer took a rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. During that adventure, a webseries documentary was filmed telling the story of Amy and her life as a 20-something living with a Cancer diagnosis, and how it affects her family and friends.

Below is a list of links to the trailer and all of the episodes. Each episode is less than 10 minutes long, so take an hour, and watch. I think this is a powerful story about perspective and our places in this world. I think you can get something out of it regardless of whether or not your life has been touched by Cancer.

Although these videos are available on YouTube, I used the Huffington Post link in case you’d like to read the blog posts that accompany them written by other people in the young adult Cancer community.

Valleys: Trailer
Valleys: Episode 1 — “A Two-Edged Sword”
Valleys: Episode 2 — “A Cruel Joke”
Valleys: Episode 3 — “This Guilty Feeling”
Valleys: Episode 4 — “Letting Go”
Valleys: Episode 5 — “The Release”
Valleys: Episode 6 — “The Choice”

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