Wedding Update

Yay! David and I have an appointment to talk to the new priest next Tuesday! We still have to wait a week,but at least we’re making progress.
David proposed to me on April 19th.
On May 11th I found my dress.
We had our first meting with the old priest on May 28th. Then we had a bunch of paperwork to track down and hoops to jump through.
I picked up my updated baptismal certificate on June 29th.
We had a quick chat with the new priest yesterday (July 7th).
And we will hopefully be able to set a date on July 16th.

It is frustrating that the whole process has taken three months and we still haven got a date… It’s kind of hard to plan for something when you don’t know when it’s happening. But it is so wonderful to have David by my side throughout the whole thing.
He has been so awesome, and so patient.

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