Less Wise but Closer to the Crown

The night before last I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned, and tried to not think about my trip to the dentist, but it didn’t work. I was really stressed by “what if”s and worried about the freezing.
My appointment was at 8am to have a root canal done on my very back molar on the upper left side of my mouth and to have my impacted and infected wisdom tooth extracted from the same location at the same time. I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything before the procedure, and last week when I was in to see the dentist about the infection that led to this procedure he said that he would be giving me a small amount of freezing and laughing gas.

My nephew Jordan drove David and I to the dentist yesterday morning, and then he played on my iPad in the waiting room while David came in with me to hold my hand. As an extra sign of solidarity, David and I both wore our Doctor Who shirts with our favourite Doctors.

9th of hearts David’s Shirt

10th Doctor My Shirt
Even though no one seemed to notice our shirts, it made me feel better.

The staff at the dentist’s office were great, really friendly; and quite understanding when I told them I was nervous. Doctor S was also great. He conversed with us about songs from the 80’s and Disney songs/movies while preparing for the procedure. He was also good about explaining what had to be done and fielding my concerns. He let David stay with with me too which was good.

I was given a very small dose of freezing, and then the root canal started. It was an uncomfortable process, but definitely easier than the root canal I had a while back without freezing. Doctor S was efficient and quite quick at the root canal and had it done way quicker than I was expecting. Then we took a break for X-rays before the extraction. At this point I started to feel light headed and dizzy. They gave me a bit of pop to drink and took their time with the X-ray which gave me a chance to feel more normal before the extraction.
The extraction was NOT a pleasant experience. Though, I think seeing as how to extract means to draw or pull out, often with great force or effort or to obtain despite resistance for it to be a pleasant experience something would have to be terribly wrong.
All in all though the whole process was shorter than I was expecting and less traumatic than I was expecting. Especially when compared to the blinding pain I was in last week.

Wisdom toot recovery day 1 Day 1 of recovery.

We had to sit and book the follow up appointment and figure out the money thing after the procedure was all done. That SUCKED! All I wanted to do was go and lie down… Take some meds, and sleep! I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.
When we got back to David’s apartment, I was in a tonne of pain, and had a tiny cry. But a T3 (the only T3 I’ve had since the procedure) and a 20 minute nap helped make me feel a bit better.

David took care of me and made me peanut butter, banana, honey and chocolate milk smoothies (Super yumtastic!), and beef stew puree (also yumtastic though not so pretty to look at.
972028_10101897672286602_773714447_n See what I mean?
I had bad acid reflux yesterday and a few bouts of dizziness. But mostly I felt tired and hungry. I spent time watching movies and crocheting a blanket for my new grand niece of grand nephew (whom I affectionately refer to as Baby Potato). I ran out of yarn, though, so David and Jordan went on a half successful quest for yarn (they found one of the two colours I need) and left me in the capable hands of my niece Tasha.
I also got a call from the dentist last night. He just called to see how I was doing, and to see if I had any concerns. He concluded that I was recovering nicely and if anything better than expected. I’d have to agree with that!

Today I have been feeling better… I went for a walk to the bakery down the street this morning and used up all my energy. When I got back my face was throbbing and I needed to sleep. That sucked.

68252_10101899188642812_1179499715_n My face today.

But on the whole I think I’m doing great. I have been experiencing much less pain today, and while I am still swollen, I’m not bruising… at least not that I’ve noticed. It does still hurt to talk, and I had one brief bout of dizziness, but I was honestly expecting way worse than this.

Sidenote: David and I are no longer meeting with the priest next Tuesday, we’ll be seeing him tomorrow… And by the sounds of it we are all clear to set a date! Hazaa!


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