Pacific Rim

Well, this movie was not on my list of must sees this summer. A 3D action flick that has monsters fighting robots.
What can I say? I like a movie with more substance… But I know this movie would not have worked with more substance. It was full of caricatures instead of characters, and it touched on backstories in such a way that it implies these characters have depth without actually having to make them deep.

So let’s look at this action film for what it is: a film about action. The pacing of the movie was quick and the 2 hours and 12 minutes were well used to tell the story. It definitely didn’t feel too short, or like the plot was rushed. It helps that the plot was rediculously simple: Monsterss are bad. Kill the monsters. Use the robots to kill the monsters. It also didn’t feel too long either though, and that is a big bonus coming from me. I can only stand so many mindless explosions.
The action does fall short, though, in that every one of these epic battles between robots and aliens took place in the dark and in the rain, or in the case of the final battle in the dark at the bottom of the ocean. In either case, it was really hard to actually see what was going on. Now, I understand that when you’re dealing with that level of CG it’s hard to make it look believable and not cartoony without spending craploads of cash. The dark and the rain add to the suspension of disbelief in that they can cheap out on the special effects and it’ll still look good… ish. It was really hard to figure out what was going on between the splashes and the flashes. I still can’t tell you what the monsters looked like because the audience barely gets to see them. But they had 2 brains – like the dinosaurs…
I think they should have spent the extra dough to give us one battle in the light and or without rain. Or hey, how about at dusk with just a slight drizzle?

The movie gets bonus points for it’s small spread of American cheese, with most of the story taking place away from American soil and with different nations coming together to take down the Monsters.

All in all I have to say that this movie was forgettable, and not one I will need to see again. Parts were stupid, and the action scenes were hard to see. But for a fun night out with awesome people and the wonderful smell of popcorn (I couldn’t eat the popcorn due to recent dental surgery) it was worth the trip to the movies.

Also: I am so done with 3D.

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