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Kya arrived back at her apartment, and her pent up emotions drained her of her energy. Her concern for her friend, coupled with jealousy that Amelia could have Supers while she was still stuck as a Normal, both weighed on Kya’s thoughts. Sometimes, Kya was surprised that she didn’t lose her mind.
She removed her key from the lock, and pushed open the door. She could smell pizza, something that she knew Sam reserved for days when he was feeling down. Before putting down her purse, she spoke loudly towards the slumped mass scarfing down a slice, “What’s wrong?”
The apartment was darker than normal, as the blinds were all closed, and Kya noticed the light of Sam’s new tablet reflecting off of his eyes. Sam looked at Kya, his face sagging slightly and his lips drooped at the corners. “You’ll never believe this.” He said his shoulders slumped. “They are going to release Myles after only five days.”
Kya couldn’t hold in her shock. She had to process each of the words in her mind, repeating them in sequence over and over before they had any meaning. After a wave of understanding finally hit her, the whole situation still confused her. “Wait. What?” She squeaked in a tone loud enough to echo through the entrance way.
“His lawyer convinced the government that he would be unsafe in the prison system, and that he has cultural value to the country.” Sam’s words dripped with frustration, and he sighed deeply before continuing, sounding like his teeth were clenched. “Myles posted his own bail, of course. Twenty million, can you believe it? What a pile of… Kya, our world is broken.”
Kya slipped off her shoes, and placed her purse down. Walking over slowly, she sat next to Sam on the large couch, and Sam turned to look at the slice of pizza in his hand. Kya wanted to tell Sam something to improve his mood, but she couldn’t think of anything that didn’t sound like a weak platitude, and worse, she actually agreed with him.
Taking another large bite, Sam turned his tablet to face Kya. On the screen was an article discussing the merits of releasing a celebrity like Myles Redwood because it was an accidental manslaughter, and not murder. “Where’s the justice? Can you believe that?” Sam’s voice sounded colder to Kya somehow.
“No, I really can’t.” Kya said trying to keep her tone even, supportive and without her own emotional baggage.
Sam dropped his pizza back into the open box sitting on his coffee table. “Supers get away with more and more each day, don’t they?”
“Well, it isn’t just Supers. What about those thieves who robbed us?” Kya paused, making sure her thought was coherent. “They got away with it, and they weren’t Supers.”
Sam turned slightly to be able to face Kya better. “They got away with it because Supers only care about issues relating to Supers. If we had been Supers, we would have gotten the service we deserved.”
Kya’s mouth fell open in shock that Sam was expounding the virtues of having a Super, after his continued discussions against such a thing. Kya listened intently.
“Supers make the laws, Supers are protected, and Supers get to do whatever they want. I sometimes feel like the whole world is set-up against Normals.”
“Yeah, at the mall a couple of weeks back, there was a Normal trying to steal food for his family.” Kya felt her pulse quicken slightly as she told Sam about the man leaping from the ledge, only to be caught by the Police.
“See the difference?” Sam said.
Kya shook her head. “No. The difference between what?”
“The guy at the mall and the jerks who robbed us.” He continued before Kya could respond. “He was stealing from the system. The same system that puts Supers above us. They made an example of him, Kya. They said to everyone else in the mall that there is no sense in trying to get anything for free.”
Kya nodded. “I got that message loud and clear.”
“But when the guys robbed us?”
“The system gained.” Kya said completing his sentence.
“Exactly! What did I do? I went and bought more stuff.” Sam nodded and tossed his tablet onto the couch beside him in disgust.
“Yeah.” Kya sighed. “Hey, they were searching for a Super on the bus today. I wonder what she did to get that kind of attention…”
“Well, it wouldn’t matter if she were famous.” Sam shuddered. “Friggin’ five days! A woman is a widow, and a child will grow up without her father and that brat gets five days!”
“It’s really just about the almighty dollar.” Kya concluded.
She and Sam sat in silence for a while, the pizza going cold on the table.

Kya didn’t know how long they were sitting there when her phone buzzed. She took a deep breath before glancing at the screen. She had a feeling that it was going to be Amelia, and her phone confirmed it.
> I did it
Kya’s mind processed the short message, and she felt too exhausted to respond. She turned to Sam and forced a grin. “I have to hit the sack. I’m exhausted. This day felt five times longer than normal.”
“Only five?”
Kya stood up, stretched her arms towards the ceiling and yawned loudly. She caught Sam trying to stifle a laugh and felt a real smile cross her face.
“Hey, Kya?”
“Thanks for the talk.”

As Kya’s hand touched her bed, her whole body gave in, and she fell flat on top of her messy covers. With a bunch of pillows, some for decoration, and others for comfort on her bed, Kya stretched out, tossing them all onto the floor. She turned over and stared up at the ceiling. It wasn’t long before she felt her eyes burning, and her mind wandering endlessly. Unable to focus, she closed her eyes to rest.

The next morning, Kya flipped over and tapped the button on her phone to turn off the alarm. Her cell beeped loudly letting her know it that it was running out of charge.
“Shoot! I forgot to plug in my phone.” She said, speaking to herself and placing her right palm on her forehead.
“What’s wrong?” Sam replied, peeking his head into her open door way, seeming to not have heard the full statement.
“Nothing, I just forgot to charge my phone last night.”
Kya looked down at her previous day’s clothing and felt both uncomfortable and dirty. She trudged to the washroom feeling like a zombie. Stripping down, she jumped in the shower, and tried to fortify herself for the day ahead. She knew that it was likely that Don and Leonard would both be in the office, and hoped that Elliot would be there as well. She thought about her conversation with Sam the previous night, and basked in how nice it felt to be on the same page as her roommate again.

When Kya got out of the shower and back in her room, she noticed a message waiting for her on her phone.
>K! I think it worked. We need to talk.

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