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Kya and Amelia sat on the swings without speaking for a few minutes. Birds sang in the trees and planes passed overhead.
“So…” Kya began, her heart racing slightly in anticipation of the change in subject.
“Nah, it wasn’t so bad. Not that scary. It felt cold.” Amelia answered Kya’s questions before they fully formed in her mind.
“Lia, please! Can you actually let me ask some questions? That’s how a conversation goes.” Kya said, in a tone louder and sharper than either of them was used to.
“Yeah. Sorry.” Amelia said with a kind smile. “I don’t even realize I’m doing it sometimes. It is like I hear you say things without you moving your lips.”
Kya nodded, and looked at the grass by her feet. She kicked slightly and the swing rocked.
“Let’s try again.” Amelia suggested, and began pumping her legs to start swinging. “Anything you’d like to know, K?”
“Um, yeah.” Kya began pushing her swing backwards and forwards more with her feet, but still keeping them planted on the dusty ground beneath her. “What was it like, you know, getting Supers?”
Amelia stopped pumping and stretched out straight as she continued to swing, she stared off into the sky, and Kya waited with baited breath as her friend seemed to be trying to put her own thoughts into words. “It wasn’t too bad. I found the guy by doing some research online, and emailed him to make an appointment. We met up, and he was a pretty big guy. He was over six feet tall, bald, and wore jeans, a t-shirt, and a suit jacket. At first, I was a little confused because he had me meet him near a grocery store at this end of town. He led me into a back entrance, and moved a shelf. There was a hidden door behind it. Inside were two younger guys, sitting in big office chairs on computers.”
Kya looked around at the desolation. Abandoned buildings surrounded them. “Were you scared?”

“Not really, no. I mean, everyone was friendly and nice and the place was, well, clean.” Amelia took a deep breath, her voice getting ever more excited. “Then he had me sit on an exam chair, and locked my wrists in leather restraints. I think it was only because I wanted Supers so badly that I sat as still as I did when he injected me.”
Kya didn’t realize her mouth was hanging open until she started to talk. “Wow! Man! Amelia! What did it feel like?”
“The injection was cold. They stuck the needle in my chest – did you see Myles Redwood’s extraction?”
“Yeah.” Kya tried to block the image from coming into her mind.
“Well that’s where the needle goes in. It was like ice pumping through my heart.” Amelia popped into being directly in front of Kya, the swing empty and still moving, Amelia was grinning and hugging her self. “But a comfortable, pleasant ice. I could see my veins changing colour, and the iciness turned into tingling, and I felt full of power.” Amelia ran her fingers from the opposite shoulder down each arm. She seemed to be vibrating energy as she spoke and Kya noticed her veins rippling with blue hues.
Kya’s eyes widened at the sight, she dug her feet into the ground and stopped swinging.
“Oh, Body Manipulation.” Amelia explained with a shrug.
“Was it one injection or five?” Kya asked, as she leaned forward, she could feel her excitement rising.
“Five.” Amelia said it lightly and continued. “But, really, it didn’t hurt, and each one was a new bunch of colours. It was amazing.” She spun in a circle and appeared back on the swing. She started pumping her legs to keep swinging.
Kya sat and stared open-mouthed at her friend.
“Remember that freak out I had?”
“You mean, last night? Yeah, I think I might remember.” Kya raised an eyebrow and the right corner of her lips twitched as she tried to maintain a serious expression.
“I think that was just a little hiccough. The whole thing has been pretty easy except for that and of course, the constant noise of people thinking.” Amelia sped through the last half of her sentence with a sigh.
Kya raised an eyebrow.
“I’ll figure it out.” Amelia smiled. “I can’t wait to tell my sister about all thi-”
Amelia vanished. Kya looked all around the park, but her friend was nowhere to be seen. She got off the swing and walked more to the center of the park to get a clearer view. She turned in a circle and took in the sight of the old forgotten park in this old forgotten piece of town, where she was suddenly all alone with the shadows getting longer as evening approached. Her pocket buzzed and Kya took out her phone.
>So… I’m at my sister’s… Sorry!

Kya breathed a sigh of relief, happy that her friend was okay. She contemplated how far Amelia had teleported. From here to her sister’s is more than an hour drive away! Kya thought to herself as she pondered the best way home.
Kya’s heart was racing as she started her long walk. With the closest public transportation station over halfway home, and the excitement of her meeting energizing her body, she decided to walk the same way she had come.
Thoughts of having her own Supers rolled around in her mind, crushing every other thought that tried to enter. A pang of hunger was replaced by the thought of getting a Super that stopped her from needing to eat. Her legs began to tire as she sped through the seedy area back towards home, but the aching only made her long for a Super that would allow her to get home faster, or easier. As darkness washed over the area, Kya thought about Supers that provided better sight and night vision.

Kya came home to a dark and empty apartment. She hummed a tune to herself as she took off her shoes, placed her keys in the bowl by the door, threw her purse in her room, grabbed her laptop and flopped comfortably onto the couch. She opened up her Internet browser, and searched popular Supers as well as list available Supers in separate tabs. The results brought up various company pages discussing the merits of Supers, how the procedure worked, and the costs. She also found a few places that listed the available supers. Kya went through each one, and in a file to herself, she wrote out ones that interested her.
“Flight, Invulnerability, Telekinesis, no wonder people have trouble just picking five.” Kya typed out several Supers from the list, including ones she had seen before: Body Manipulation, Strength, Electricity, Size. The list quickly ballooned to over a dozen different options. Some worked well together, but others were just flights of fancy with little use to her everyday life. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to her selections, but Kya felt more and more invigorated with each set of choices available to her.
Her excitement turned to day dreams, and soon her imagination drifted and Kya found herself fighting to remain awake. With her mind and body exhausted from the long day of walking, she closed her laptop, leaned over, stretched herself out on the couch and passed out.

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