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Kya left work with a cloud above her head which matched the dark clouds rolling around violently above her as she waited for the bus. Just as the rain started pouring heavily, the bus arrived. She sat down, in her usual spot, and took out her phone to listen to some energetic music to raise her mood. It was only when she saw a text waiting from Mattie that she remembered their plans.
>Hey Kya, is it okay if we meet at the Roseburg Cabin at King and 7? It’s half way between us and their rotisserie chicken is so yummy, and their secret sauce… Mmmm.
Kya wasn’t surprised Mattie would choose the family restaurant chain, it had been her favourite place to eat for as long as Kya could remember. And it made it easy that there happened to be three in their city alone. Kya sent back a quick response.
>Cool. I’m on my way. I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.
The phone buzzed only a moment later with Mattie’s response.
>Excellent! I’ll leave now too. I should be about 25 minutes.
Kya donned her headphones, put on her tunes and watched the scenery go by until she arrived at the transit station where she had to switch to the bus to take her to King Street and 7th Avenue.

At the station there were small groups of people, around fifty in total, huddled around the flat panel displays that hung from the ceiling every fifteen feet down the platform. On the screen were images of Myles Redwood, grinning as he was escorted from the jail. The world Live flashing on the screen took Kya by surprise as she quickly counted backwards to the evening Sam had told her of Myles’ eventual release.
The screens were all showing the same news station, and the announcer was midway through a speech about what had landed Myles in jail and how he had been released. Kya half listened, as she turned her attention to the display on the wall showing the status of the busses. The next bus she would need to take was on-time and would be there in two minutes. Kya walked over to the part of the platform where her specific bus would stop and leaned against the wall.
“It wasn’t fair, you know.” A teenaged girl’s voice was projected from the screen above Kya’s head. “It’s not like he could’ve killed the guy without the Super.”
Kya refused to look up at the screen. She tried to focus her attention on waiting for the bus, not wanting to be reminded of the way Supers could potentially change someone’s life in a negative way. A fleeting thought of Amelia entered her mind, but she was quickly distracted.
“We love you Myles!” It sounded like a group of girls screaming as the shouts of praise overlapped each other.
“Really,” This time it was the deep voice of a man, but Kya still refused to look up. “The paparazzi, and all Normals should flat out avoid contact with Supers! That man caused his own death by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
Kya was extremely relieved to see her bus arrive. She shook her head at the commotion and got on, finding her way to her usual spot at the back.

As she arrived at the Roseburg Cabin, Kya’s nose filled immediately with the smell of slow roasted, rotisserie chicken. She got a table for two near the window, and looked over the menu, even though she knew she was going to go for the white meat rotisserie chicken dinner with fries. She ordered an iced tea, and waited for Mattie.

It didn’t take long for a familiar face to appear in her peripheral vision as Kya sipped away her icy beverage. Waving, Mattie noticed her, and began to approach. The grin that spread across Mattea’s face emphasized the roundness of her cheeks, her large green eyes sparkled with a friendly happiness as she raised her eyebrows in recognition of Kya.
Mattie’s blond hair was cut in shoulder length layers that were meant to enhance her natural waves but she always brushed them out, making it look more bushy and uncontrolled. It had been a long running joke that Mattie had mom hair, despite not having any children and being only few months older than Kya. She wore little makeup, sensible flats, tan capri pants, and a purple collared tee shirt. Her large navy purse hanging from her left shoulder reminded Kya of the number of times that Mattie was able to produce nearly anything needed at any time, as though the bag had a magically unlimited supply of goods hidden away in it.
Kya slid out of the booth and Mattie opened her arms for a hug.
Kya slipped her arms around her friend.
“Don’t squeeze too tightly.” Mattie said causing Kya to loosen her grip.
“You not feeling well?” Kya replied stepping back and sliding back into the booth.
Mattie joined her and sat across from Kya, smiling wide, as she set her purse on the bench seat beside her. “Well, you know Rory and I have decided to focus on having kids. I was at the doctor’s the other day.” She paused as if trying to remember which exact day. “Saturday. Anyways, I found out that the latest in vitro fertilization treatment looks good, so I could be pregnant right now.” She grinned and gently touched her stomach under the table.
“Wow. That’s great.” Kya said with a lack of excitement in her voice. As she processed the information, a wave hit her. It was as though her lips had replied before her brain had understood the weight of the news spoken to her. “I mean, that’s great!” She squealed. “Congratulations!”
Pausing again, her own anxieties about being a parent caused Kya’s mouth to completely dry out. She took another sip of her drink, and nearly finished the half a glass that had remained when Mattie arrived.
Before Mattie could respond, the waiter returned, and took her drink order, and asked if Kya wanted a refill. She nodded. When he left, the two friends looked at each other, and a smile crept along Kya’s lips.
“We are so excited!” Mattie grinned. “It was expensive, but it’s only getting more expensive, and you know I’ve wanted to be a mom for a long time.” She sighed. “Rory finally gave in, admitting we’d never truly be ready, and that there wouldn’t be a better opportunity than we have right now.”
Kya’s phone buzzed. She could tell that it was a phone call and was glad she had it on silent. She tried to discreetly pull it out to check who would be calling. It was unusual for her to receive phone calls.
Mattie raised her eyebrows in a questioning glance.
“Sorry.” Kya shrugged as she tapped her phone to ignore the incoming call from her mom before putting it back in her pocket.

The rest of their visit progressed easily and Kya realized how much she missed her friend. It was hard to say goodbye at the end of the night. Kya walked Mattie to her generic gray four door car.
“Kya, it was so great seeing you again.” Mattie said as she wrapped her in another hug. “Please, let’s not wait another month between visits.” She chuckled slightly, but Kya could hear the sincerity in her words.
“Well, hey.” Kya began, not sure what she was about to say. “Want to come by tomorrow night for dinner with me and Sam?”
“Um, I’ll have to clear it with Rory, but if he’s good with it I’d really like that.”
“Oh, uh, you could invite him too.” Kya said. It wasn’t that she disliked Rory, but she could never think of anything to say to him.
“Maybe I will.” Mattie said, though her tone told Kya, ’Maybe I won’t’.
Mattie got into her car and Kya walked to the bus stop. On the way she took out her phone to listen to the waiting voicemail.
“Hi Kya, it’s mom. I was just calling to see how you were doing. Your brother, Ben, is graduating from University, with honours, in a couple of weeks, and I don’t know if you remembered or if you’re planning to go, but it might be nice to see you there. Dad says ‘hi’ too.” Kya heard her dad grumble in the background. “Anyways, I’d better go.”
The automated voice came on asking Kya what she wanted to do with the message. She pressed the option to save it, though she was unsure she’d listen to it again, or even if she’d call her mother back to respond.

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