The Wolverine and My Ongoing Relationship With 3D

So a while back I went to see The Wolverine with my posse. It was of course in 3D.

Now, I have seen a lot of 3D movies this year, and when I started doing these movie reviews I was on the fence about whether or not I found 3D to really add to my movie watching experience. Now I have found myself firmly on one side of this fence.
3D is an unnecessary gimmic and a cash grab. These movies would be just as good and in some cases better without the 3D. In the best cases I don’t even notice a difference to the 2D experience of old, and in the worst case I notice the two eyes not lining up, which frustrates me.
I like to not only watch whatever is going on in the foreground of a movie, but also to appreciate all that has been put in the background to help create this world. I have noticed in my 3D watching experience that when there are fighting and heavy action sequences my eyes naturally drift to the background. I think it’s a coping mechanism for my still surprisingly sensitized psyche… Anyways, this is where the 3D always falls apart and lets me down. I’m really over this 3D fad now and ready for a 2D renaissance.
BUT I’m a slave to my entertainment, and I love going to the movies, so I’ll probably keep donning the 3D glasses.

Okay, so, Wolverine… I think the best thing to do before watching this movie is to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I was rusty on the Origins story and had to clear up a few plot points with my fiancé mid movie.
Aside from that it was well paced, and a fun super hero(?) movie. Logan (Wolverine) is a great antihero/reluctant hero. The plot worked nicely to make you worry about the safety of someone who is supposed to be invincible. The story, I thought, was good. The way it was filmed was okay too…
BUT! Going back to my 3D rant… They used shaky camera movements and fast panning shots which broke the 3D effect and had you just seeing double vision. That was not fun.
Even with that I’d say it was a good summer action pic, and great to see Hugh Jackman growling and fighting again as compared to singing and moping (though I loved Les Miserables – what can I say? I’m a chick who loves musicals). Would I see Wolverine again? Yes. Was it the best Super Hero movie of 2013? I don’t think so.

Is it sad when the BEST part of the movie is the Easter Egg teaser in the end credits?

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