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Her heart broke as she realized how inconsiderate she had been to Sam. Kya realized that in all the time she had lived with him, she never really asked about Sam’s past. She couldn’t remember a time when he needed her to be there to support him emotionally, or to give him advice, despite her unintentionally calling on him for such things. She mentally chided herself for being so selfish and thought back through all the conversations where she basically beat him over the head with her dreams of Supers.
Thinking about her interactions with Sam led Kya to analyze all of her friendships, and it quickly brought her to Amelia. Mentally dusting herself off, she grabbed her phone and sent a quick message to Mattea.
>Hey, Mattie, You free?
>Kya! Oh, am I ever glad to see your name! What were you thinking?
>Look, Mattie. I need to find Amelia.
>Did you go where you said you were going to go?
>Yeah, but the answers I got just led to more questions. And I won’t be going back there.
>So what are you going to do now?
>Can you drive me to Amelia’s please? If I’m going to find her, I’m going to need help… More than just a car and someone to drive it.

As Mattea’s sedan pulled up to Amelia’s worn down apartment, Kya sighed heavily and turned to her friend. She read the look on Mattea’s face and couldn’t help but comment. “Not what you were expecting, is it?”
“Not really, no.” Mattea sighed in response. “I guess I just thought she’d live somewhere…”
“Me too.”
The girls traveled in silence as they parked the car in an underground, paid parking lot. The only one nearby where Mattea felt comfortable leaving her car behind. As they exited into the sun, Kya felt uneasy. She knew that she needed to ask around, talk to others that lived in Amelia’s building, and putting herself out there, pushing herself to be social, with strangers, was difficult for her.
“So what’s the plan?” Mattea said as they entered the run down building where Amelia lived.
The smell of garbage burned Kya’s nose as they started up the stairs to Amelia’s floor.
The door to Amelia’s apartment was closed, and a printed notice was taped over top of the number. “Please contact me as soon as possible. Issac – Building Superintendent”
“I wonder if they fixed the horrible locks?” Kya said, more to herself than anyone else.
“Hello?” A strange voice came from down the hall.
A young man stepped out through the next door. He wore dark wash jeans, and stood taller than both girls, by a good amount. His t-shirt was tightly fitted, and his shoulder length black hair was well kept. He was both imposing and yet somehow had a disarming nature about him.
“Hi.” Mattie said as she noticeably checked out the young man.
Kya felt slightly embarrassed and on the spot. She didn’t know what to say, and she definitely thought it funny that her married and pregnant friend found the stranger attractive.
“Do you happen to know what happened to the woman that lives here?” Kya said, stepping in front of Mattea.
“Nope. The building superintendent asked me that two days ago. Apparently, she hasn’t paid rent. If she doesn’t show up by the end of the month, I figure she’ll probably be evicted. Or her stuff will at least.” He excused himself and walked past them to the stairwell.
Kya turned to look at Mattea for a moment.
“You have a key?” Mattea asked.
“Nope.” Kya replied as she placed her hand on the doorknob of Amelia’s apartment and began wiggling it. Exactly like the previous time she had been there, the door opened.
“Well, that’s safe!” Mattea remarked sarcastically.
Kya shrugged and looked around the apartment. It was unchanged since her last visit. A weight of sadness fell upon her and only then did she realize that she had been holding out hope, even after that exchange with the neighbour, that Amelia had been back.
“What now, Kya?” Mattea asked as she looked around the apartment, her arms wrapped protectively around her stomach.
“I have to find some information…” Kya said as she scanned the apartment again, not sure what she was looking for.
“How can I help?” Mattie asked, still taking in the scene.
“Just look for something that would help us find out where Amelia would go… What she would do.” As Kya finished speaking, her eyes fell on Amelia’s laptop. A small wooden desk with great detail thanks to carved whimsical swirls, sat near the window. Kya noticed the various scratches in the golden finish, looking more like an antique than something she assumed that Amelia would have purchased. A cheap, black task chair, with its coasters removed sat on a small area rug next to the desk.
“Hey, maybe there’s some information in a book somewhere. Like an agenda.” Mattie said, wandering about the room and thumbing through the papers on the table, the magazines piled around the couch, and the half dozen books on a shelf next to various movies.
Kya flipped open the laptop and was greeted with a login screen that required a password. She sighed and rolled her eyes, wondering why Amelia needed a password when she lived alone, and what she would pick as a password. She tried Latte, latte and 74tt3 before she noticed a small note sticking out from just under the lip of the computer. Pulling the paper from under the laptop, it listed a few websites Amelia frequented and helpful hints for her passwords. The hints were short clues that Amelia had written down to reduce her mistakes.
“Scatterbrained, much?” Kya said smiling.
“Found something?” Mattea said as she craned her neck to look at what Kya was doing.
“Just a sheet of password hints that Amelia uses. Her laptop is locked down, and I didn’t bring anything to help me gain access to it.”
“Couldn’t we just bring it with us?”
“I’m going to try to figure out the passwords that go along with the hints and see if I can get anywhere. Can you check her bedroom to see if she left anything behind?”
Mattie nodded and went into the small bedroom off to one side.
Reading the first clue, My favourite restaurant Kya typed in Coliseum and the laptop sprang to life. “I knew you knew the name!” She said in a muffled tone to a room filled with Amelia’s things.
Kya opened up a web browser and loaded the online email client that Amelia used. She read through the list of clues. She tried Coliseum first, but the service came back with an incorrect password message. She checked the next clue, The Super I most want Kya typed in Telepathy and Amelia’s email loaded. The first twenty six messages were all mailing list type emails from places like Noble Brew. The twenty seventh was a quote from a reputable Supers clinic for different Supers.
After scrolling through a few pages of emails, Kya decided that it was a fruitless endeavour. She logged into the only social media site on Amelia’s list and found that aside from a few contacts from her college days she had no friends and the account seemed to have gone unused for months at a time.
Kya was running out of options, and although she didn’t want to invade her privacy anymore than she already had, she began typing in the name of Amelia’s bank.
“I found an old fashioned, printed address book.” Mattea walked back into the room. “It was on a shelf by the bed. Not many entries though.” She said, thumbing through the pages.
Kya was flooded with relief that she might be able to use some of the information from the book to find a lead.
“Mom and dad are listed here.” Mattea said. “But it looks like she tried to erase it.”
Kya reached out her hand and Mattea gave her the book. Written extremely faintly, with obvious eraser marks was Mom and Dad, 1080 Solsbury Lane.
Kya closed the banking tab and opened a new one searching for Bronsen 1080 Solsbury Lane. The first result was a map showing where the address was in the city, the second was what really caught Kya’s eye, it was an article entitled Couple Die in Terrible Car Accident. Kya skimmed the article, knowing that she could not bear more loss and bad news. She gleaned enough from the article to know that Amelia’s parents were dead, and that her sister, Ainsley, was the only family she had left.
Kya checked the address book, but there was no entry for Ainsley Bronsen. She typed the name into the search field along with the numbers 411. It produced three results but only one close enough to contact.

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