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Kya walked to the passenger side of Mattea’s car and opened the door. She climbed inside the sedan, her mind racing with thoughts of Amelia. Her hand cramped slightly and she noticed how tightly wrapped it was around the paper with the address to the cottage.
“I know Rory is missing you, but…” She let the sentence hang in the air and looked at her still clenched fist.
“Kya, you know I love you, and I want to help you find Amelia, but I have to get home.”
Kya nodded. “I understand.”
“Rory has been really protective since,” she put her hand on her stomach, “the baby. And actually, I’m feeling it too. I don’t want to risk losing this little one. So, I need to rest and take things slow.”
“I get it.” Kya replied in a kind and friendly tone. “Hey listen, why don’t you drop me at the bus terminal? That way you can get home sooner.”
“Thanks.” Mattea said with a what Kya knew to be a genuine smile.
A few minutes later the car pulled up to the city bus terminal closest to Ainsley’s house. Kya was grateful for all the time she had spent on busses because despite never having been in the wealthier West end neighborhood before, she was certain that she knew the way back to her apartment.
Mattea shut off the car and got out as Kya did. She walked around the car to hug her friend. “I’ll call you tomorrow and we can work out going to the cabin, okay?”
Kya nodded.
“Take care of you.” Mattea said as she climbed back into the car.
Kya waved as Mattea drove away. She then slowly walked into the terminal, paid her fare and found the correct route to take her home. She boarded the bus without it really registering what she was doing. Her mind continued to reel with thoughts of Amelia.
With no family to speak of, except for a sister who didn’t seem to care, and with no real friends that Kya had been able to track down, was anyone other than Kya missing Amelia? People in her apartment building knew she was absent, but none of them seemed to be looking for her, if Kya gave up, would anyone continue the search for Amelia? Kya shut her eyes and rested her head against the back of the seat, feeling a weight of intense exhaustion and responsibility crush her.

Her cell phone buzzed in a specific pattern she knew was reserved for a special report being pushed to every mobile device. It was rare that Kya actually checked the broadcasts, but she felt a pang of concern that it might be about Amelia.
The screen illuminated her face as the bus continued its journey. Looking around, she saw that many others were also engaged in viewing the announcement.
A picture of Myles Redwood filled her screen, and large text scrolled along as words were spoken by a rather generic male voice. “Be aware, Myles Redwood is a dangerous class one fugitive. Call your local police department if you see him or have any knowledge of his whereabouts. Anyone able to subdue him will receive a reward.”
At the end of the report, a button appeared asking the viewer to tap on it for more information. Kya thought about Sam, with his interest in Myles, and tapped the bright blue button.
A video started to load, buffering quickly as the data was sent to her phone, but Kya could already hear bits and pieces of it on the bus. Others were ahead of her and already playing the video. She focused her attention on her phone, and listened intently as the introductory news corporation logo was replaced with a reporter sitting at his desk, a blue tinted room surrounding him.
A tall thin man filled half of the screen, and Kya recognized him as the reporter from Myles’ accident. A computer graphic faded in below his head, reminding her that his name was Jason Lu. He smiled at the camera as he spoke while seated at a large slate desk. “We have found evidence that leads to the incomprehensible fact that Myles Redwood has received seven Supers now. He has received two Supers since his public Extraction. These additional Supers, place him one over the allowed five and have caused him to have a psychotic break that has lead to his current erratic behavior.” He paused, organized the papers on his desk and let his words sink in.
Kya gasped internally as she was reminded of the sixth Super that Amelia received, and wondered if they’d report her on the news if she went insane.
The reporter continued, in his calm and somewhat overly excited tone. “It is said that he has now murdered three people and evaded the police in multiple confrontations today. He has destroyed over ten million dollars in property and has threatened to destroy the entire city if he is not ‘left alone’. Doctors are now saying that his psychosis will only get worse until his life is ended by the authorities, or he takes his own life.”
The camera angle changed, and Jason’s head swiveled to once again look at the camera, an eerie grin still plastered on his face.
Kya couldn’t remember the last time something like this happened, and hoped it wasn’t a common occurrence. She knew that all of the facilities had government oversight that limited the number of Supers you could get and that they likely had both records and tests to confirm how many Supers a person received.
“It is likely that Myles Redwood received his powers through bribing staff at Invista Medical, the same company that originally gave him the Strength Super that was used in the murder of Newton Wilson last month.”
Kya shut off her phone, ending the video as the bus pulled around the corner that lead to her apartment. She felt a tingle rush up her spine as though something important had changed, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Despite all that she had seen regarding Myles Redwood, thoughts of Amelia continued to circle around in her mind, stealing all of her focus.

As Kya entered her apartment, she noticed Sam focused on his various devices. The television illuminating the otherwise dark room. Without drawing his attention, Kya quickly slipped off her shoes and went into her room. She didn’t feel social, nor ready to talk to anyone about the recent events that she barely made it through. Tossing her jeans aside, she slipped under her covers and stared blankly up at her ceiling waiting for sleep to find her.
Kya’s mind buzzed with thoughts of Amelia and her own experience with Frank. She found herself replaying everything from when Amelia first went missing, through her experience with the stranger, and finally her conversation with Amelia’s sister. A hopeless feeling washed over her as exhaustion finally set in. As her eyes finally slammed shut, the first thought to enter her mind questioned what she would find at the cottage. Will I find Amelia, or is this another dead end?

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