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Over the phone, Kya could hear Mattea take a deep breath.
“Oh, Kya.” She whispered. “I’m coming to get you.”
“Thanks.” Kya said and ended the call. She stared into the distance at the trees and flowers and grass, refusing to turn and see the cottage behind her.
Time seemed to tick by more and more slowly until it had completely stopped. The clouds in the sky appeared to not be moving, and the songs of the birds seemed to first slow, and then fade away. The sheer enormity of the space around Kya crushed her. A loneliness more profound than she had ever felt before paralyzed her. It would be at least an hour for help to arrive, and Kya could do nothing but wait.
Confusion wormed it’s way though Kya’s mind, twisting into her thoughts and leading her to reflect on how much and how badly things had changed in her life and how quickly it had all happened. As much as she tried, Kya couldn’t outrun thoughts of how obsessed she and Amelia had been with Supers and the lengths they were willing to go to get them. She reflected on how adamantly against them Sam had been, and in the end, how Sam had been right. She thought of Elliot’s broken body and how long it had taken for him to be found, and now Amelia. Every thought that entered her mind was harder to face than the one before it, but there were no distractions that could pull her out of her deep reflection, and Kya surrendered to the torrent of her thoughts.

Sirens could be heard in the distance and the flashing lights cut through the trees as two cars approached. A police car, and an ambulance rushed up the laneway throwing a thick cloud of dust up into the air as they hit the cobblestone path that lead up to the cottage.
Kya’s eyes were completely dry as she stared, unblinking, at the two vehicles. One police officer and two paramedics rushed from their respective vehicles. The officer, a middle aged but extremely fit woman, came straight to Kya as the paramedics, both young men, went around to the back of their large white ambulance.
As the officer opened a small pouch, a silver sheet unfurled, and she stared solemnly at Kya as she approached.
“Ma’am. Are you okay?” She said before wrapping the metallic blanket around Kya’s shoulders. “I know you’ve been through a traumatic experience, but I need you to walk me through what happened.”
Kya noticed the officer’s badge, engraved into a star shaped piece of metal was a single word, likely her last name: Wells.
Officer Wells sat next to Kya, her back pressed partly against the door, and partly against the brick exterior. She took a small tablet from her pocket, and opening its leather cover, the device illuminated. “I’m going to record our conversation. Is that okay?”
The Police officer didn’t seem to wait for Kya to respond, not that Kya felt like saying or doing anything. There didn’t seem to be any point to anything, and Kya continued to stare, unendingly at the world in front of her. A slight wafting of floral scent hit Kya’s nose as the direction of the wind allowed her to smell the officer’s perfume. For a moment, Kya was once again paying attention to the moment at hand and she turned her head to face the officer, but a quick comparison to the scent of Amelia’s perfume dragged Kya back into the cycle of pain and sadness that ravaged her mind. She turned her gaze back out toward the trees.
The two paramedics, having retrieved a stretcher from their ambulance, brought it to the front door, where Kya was still sitting and blocking their path. Kya noticed as Officer Wells pointed at them. She made emphatic hand gestures before one of them let out an audible groan and they both proceeded around the side of the building.
Officer Wells tried again to attract Kya’s attention. “Miss Roberts, I’m sorry for what happened, but can you please explain how you came across this scene today?”
The words were all registering, but Kya felt frozen within her body, unable to string together a response, afraid if she opened her mouth, that she would start screaming and never stop.
The officer leaned towards Kya, pressing into her side. “I could always just read your mind if that’s your preference.” She said. Her tone was noticeably stern, and the softness of her earlier comments was gone.
Not caring if the officer read her mind, Kya continued to sit perfectly still. Her mind was reeling as she was bombarded with thoughts from the recent events in her life. Behind her, she could hear the two paramedics inside the cottage. Inside her mind, she cringed thinking about someone touching Amelia’s body.

The sound of a car approaching reached Kya before she could see it, as the sedan appeared through the trees she recognized it as Mattea’s. Even before the car had stopped moving, the passenger door was open and Mattea was undoing her seatbelt to exit the car. A moment later the car had stopped and Mattea ran to Kya. Rory emerged as well, after turning off the engine.
Mattea came up the steps and gracefully landed on the porch in front of Kya, she wrapped her arms around her friend without saying a word.
“Pardon me, Ma’am, but-” Officer Wells began speaking to Mattea.
“I’m Mattea, I’m Kya’s friend. We have been looking for Amelia together. She called me to come.” Mattea let go of Kya and sat back on the porch. Her hands reached for Kya’s and held them tight.
“We are starting a serious and delicate investigation here.” Officer Wells continued, her voice calm and soft, yet authoritative.
“Please.” Kya squeaked.
Both the officer and Mattea turned their attention to Kya.
“Please, Mattie. Stay?”
The officer’s eyes seemed to brighten and a noticeable look of relief washed across her face. “Alright, you can stay. Now, please, what series of events led you here today.”
Kya stared into Mattea’s eyes, pleading without words for her help. The idea of putting any of her thoughts into words was more than Kya could tolerate. Her jaw clenched tight she continued to stare.
Rory placed his arm around his wife protectively. His dark brown hair moved slightly in the breeze as it caught the waves and loose curls. His face, one of worry, showed signs of neglect as the scruff of a quickly growing beard started to hide the clef on his strong chin. His large piercing brown eyes had visible dark circles beneath them, and his thick eyebrows were raised towards his forehead in concern. His long black wool coat swam slightly on his frame, and his jeans also looked too large for Rory’s size.
Officer Wells frowned at him. “This really is a sensitive matter, and I must ask for as few outside parties as possible.”
Mattea studied Kya’s face, the way Kya’s whole body shook, the coldness of her hands. “I’m sorry officer, but I think this really isn’t a good time to get answers from my friend. Kya has been through a lot, and the person she found inside is one of her best friends.”
Kya let out a sob as a new wave of anguish crashed over her. Still, no tears spilled from her eyes.
“Do you have a card we can take? Alternatively, can we give you our numbers to call? I really think it is best for Kya that we get her home. She needs time to process all that has happened, and I don’t think you will be getting any answers today.”
“It is important that I complete my investigation. I can read her mind if I can’t get answers any other way.”
“I understand that you have Supers, and I am aware that you can and do use them in your job as an officer of the law.” Mattea said politely. “I also know that in order for you to legally use Telepathy on an individual, you need their consent. Kya is not in the proper state of mind to be giving consent.”
“Mattie,” Rory whispered, “please don’t overdo it. Think of the baby.”
The officer nodded and waved her hand at them in dismissal. “Sir, after you get these ladies to your car, please return to me with adequate contact information for each of you. You can all expect to hear from me within forty-eight hours.”

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