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Kya opened a response. She didn’t realize she was making small gleeful noises until she pressed the send button on her short message to let Joanne from Classic Communication know that she would be there and that she was looking forward to it. She went over the message a dozen times in her mind, hoping that she wrote the right words in the right way to continue to convey her excitement and passion. She wanted to tell everyone about the interview, and as she went through a list of people in her mind, a fleeting moment reflecting on Amelia crushed her excitement. Tears streamed down her face, and her gleeful noises were replaced with heavy sobs.
She had to admit to herself that she had been trying to block Amelia’s death from her mind. The imagery came pouring back in, and it was hard to hold back the waves of grief from overwhelming her. With her pillow squeezed in hand, she placed it over her mouth and let out shrill screams and sad moans as she tried to let out all of the sadness.
Over the next two days Kya found herself emotionally rafting through white water rapids, every moment fearing she may drown or celebrating her survival. Her powers of invisibility and telekinesis surprised her with their unpredictability, and excitement over the interview gave way, once again, to grief over Amelia and fear of how a reference from Don Georgetown could rip this job out from under her. Her saving grace through the rough waters was Sam. His calm support, even where his understanding failed, acted as an anchor for her.

Kya checked herself out in the washroom mirror one last time before leaving for the interview. She was wearing a blue dress shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt that she had found in the back of her closet, black tights and black dressy flats completed the outfit. She had put on a bit of eye makeup, and had her hair pinned back. A little of the faded purple streaks were showing.
“Okay, body. Listen up. None of this Supers business when I’m in the interview. No grabbing random things. No disappearing-” Kya saw familiar black lines crawling along her vision, extending towards the center. She looked at the bathroom mirror, her pulse quickening, but before her vision blackened completely, she saw a glimpse of herself semi-transparent and fading away.
“Like that.” She said and her sight immediately returned. “None of that.”
A knock at the washroom door startled Kya slightly.
“Hey, Kya.” Sam’s voice came muffled from the other side. “You all right in there?”
“Yep. Just a pep talk before the interview.” Kya replied as she opened the door.
“You look great!” Sam said, with a wide smile. With his hand he reached out and touched the purple streak in her hair.
“Yeah. I decided I’ll be honest about it and let Joanne know that if they don’t like it, I’ll change it back to brown.”
“Bold choice.”
Kya grinned. “I hope it’s the right one.”
After a brief silence, Kya continued. “Well, wish me luck.”
“You got it, and much more.” Sam replied.

Classic Communication wasn’t very far from the apartment, so a quick walk the three blocks over made the most sense. Kya found the air was already shifting warmer, and she could feel a bit of humidity taking hold. The streets were packed with people, despite it being before most jobs let out for the day.
She took a moment to inventory herself as she waited for the first crosswalk to notify her it was safe to cross. A spike of nerves hit her as she looked through her purse. Her phone, which held a digital version of her resume, and a neatly folded printed version were both where she expected them to be. Locating her keys and wallet, she breathed a sigh of relief.
Inside the entrance to the skyscraper was a large digital directory, and Kya selected Classic Communication. With over fifty floors for both businesses and residences, Kya felt a little let down that the store and offices were all on the first floor behind the elevators. As she passed the chokehold in the hallway, there were two large wooden doors each with a word engraved in it. The left said Classic, and the right said Communication. They were beautiful, intrinsic, solid carved wood doors, and the character of them struck Kya as odd. Surrounded by stark grey and beige hallway walls and carpet, steel doors, and buzzing fluorescent lighting was this magical feeling entryway.

“You must be Kya.” A kind voice exclaimed from behind her. A woman, standing as tall as Kya, approached; her hand out and a warm smile on her face. The woman was maybe five years older than Kya, though unlike most women she had a smattering of gray strands through her brown hair which was tied up in a loose bun. She wore no makeup but had a porcelain complexion. She wore a green blouse that tied at the side, a beige skirt that came to her knees, and green sandals. Kya found her to be quite pretty.
“Yes, I was just heading in. Are you Joanne?”
Quickly shaking hands and nodding, Joanne proceeded to open the right door and enter into the office.
Straight rows of bookshelves were arranged in a semicircle like rays emanating from the main desk. At the end of each row was a large stained glass window, casting brilliant colours onto the shelves. An immense glass and metal atrium arched above their heads doming the whole area and letting the sunlight in. Kya followed a beam of light down to the floor where a red carpet lead from the door to the large desk.
“Welcome to Classic Communication.” Joanne said as she walked quickly towards the front desk.
Kya followed, and after a quick tour, they arrived in a small office off to one side. There appeared to be two offices, but neither of them were very private, as they were inset into the wall, with no dividers from the open bookstore space. As they sat, Joanne poured two large glasses of water.
“Have you ever been here before? What do you know about us?” Joanne said in a chipper but direct way.
At first it caught Kya off guard, and her mind spun for a moment, trying to find traction, and come up with an appropriate answer. “I actually have never been here before.”
Joanne smiled, and Kya felt that she approved of her honesty.
“I actually order most of my books online and read them on my tablet.”
“As technology is such a constant in our lives, reading printed books is really becoming more of a nostalgic hobby. Here’s a few things that you need to know about us.” Joanne explained. “Our clientele tends to be Normals of varying financial states. We tend not to have many Supers come into the store as they have other options available to them. Are you equally comfortable with highly educated business types and those that are more,” she paused as if searching for the right words, “run of the mill?”
Kya smiled confidently. “I definitely can be friendly and approachable with a wide variety of people.”
“Now, this is customer service, so you will likely have to deal with ornery customers from time to time.”
Kya thought about Don Georgetown. “Oh, that won’t be a problem. I can definitely let hostility roll off my shoulders. It would take a lot before I would crack.”
The interview continued, all the questions blurred together in her head. She smiled and tried her best to answer honestly and positively.
“Any questions about the open position for me?” Joanne asked at the end of the interview.
“Just one that I can think of.”
Joanne raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”
“I currently have some purple streaks in my hair.”
“I noticed.”
“If that will be a problem I have no problem dying them.”
“No need. In fact, if you dye them darker they’ll stay vibrant longer.” Joanne smiled.

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