Second Class Supers – Page 49

Second Class Supers – Page 48
Kya found Mattea laying on
the oversized beige couch in her living room. The pale blue walls,
and the dark orange curtains contrasted heavily the plain wooden
shelves and furniture. Mattea was propped up with large pillows and
she was facing the the powered off television on the far wall. A
throw blanket with an antique map of the world covered her legs and
slightly protruding belly. Mattea looked up from the book in her
hands. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re here!” She said with a grin. “How
are you doing?” Her expression changed quickly from one of joy to
one of concern. “You know.” Kya shrugged. ”I’ve had a lot of
distractions.” “Please, tell me all the details.” Mattea patted the
chair next to her as an invitation for Kya to take a seat. “Well,
did you see my power of invisibility when you picked me up from the
cottage?” “Yeah, I can’t believe you went and bought a Super after
everything that happened with…” Mattea trailed off. “Well, you
know.” “I didn’t buy a Super.” Kya paused, taking a deep breath.
Recounting her experiences and, of course, the situation that lead
up to them wasn’t something she was looking forward to. “In a dark
alley, I touched the hand of a mysterious sociology professor
wrapped all in black and dark gray. He-” “A sociology professor?”
Mattea broke in. “He was probably lying about that but, yeah,
that’s what he said he was. Anyways, he offered me a random group
of Supers through a single touch of his hand. He said he was a
carrier, and in exchange he wanted me to find out all I can about
Supers and share what I find.”

“That’s insane. A carrier?” “Yep. But it worked.” Kya
started to ramble ever faster. “I have Invisibility, but if I make
my face invisible, I can’t see. Well, actually it’s my eyes. If my
eyes are invisible I’m blind. If my eyelids are invisible I can’t
see them but I can see through them. If my hands are invisible I
can’t see where they are, only feel. I can make my clothes
invisible.” Mattea nodded. Staring at her friend with her mouth
closed, expressionless. She rubbed her stomach slowly in small
circles. Kya felt joy as she unloaded on Mattea. She wanted to brag
to someone about her Supers. She wanted to feel interesting and
special, and she knew Mattea would be interested in a way that Sam,
the only other person in her life at this point, just could not. “I
also have Telekinesis. If I think about something specific I can
pull it towards me. Well, as long as it’s not too big or too far
away. Pillows, cups, books, my laptop. I can turn on taps or lights
too. It seems that my Telekinesis works on anything light enough
for me to carry with my own hands, and I can move it about as far
as I’d be able to throw it.” “Okay.” Mattea said. Still showing no
emotion. “I also think I might have Healing. It only showed up
today. If it has limitations, I don’t know what they are.” “So what
have you done to hold up your side of the deal?” Mattea said, a
slight edge had formed in her tone. “Nothing yet.” “What happens if
you don’t keep up your side of the bargain?” “I don’t know.” “What
are the side effects?” “Well, I won’t be able to get Supers from
injections now, and if I had kids they’d be carriers.” “Are those
the only side effects?” “I don’t know.” Mattea opened her mouth
wide and took a deep breath. Kya knew she was winding up for a
motherly lecture. “I had an interview today.” Kya said quickly, in
an attempt to change the subject. Mattea took the bait. “Oh,
really? How did it go?” “Really well I think.” Kya grinned. “It was
at a bookstore and publishing house.” “That sounds like a great
place for you.” “Yeah, they haven’t checked references yet, and I
have a feeling Don Georgetown has been bad mouthing me every chance
he gets.” Kya ran both of her hands through her hair, feeling
frustration well up inside of her. “I just know he’d screw this up
for me. He’s got it in for me bad.” “Have you thought about talking
to him?” Mattea asked in a gentle voice. “Yeah, like he’d listen!”
“You never know unless you try. On the other hand, they might not
even contact him.” Mattea smiled kindly. Kya’s phone buzzed in her
pocket. She shrugged and checked the message. It was from Amelia’s
sister. >Kya? This is Ainsley. The funeral for
Amelia is tomorrow at two at Martin’s Funeral Home.

Kya’s heart caught in her throat and she couldn’t help but sob
openly. “Kya?” Mattea said. “Come here.” She opened her arms
offering a hug and Kya crumpled into them. There was something so
final about the idea of attending a funeral, and Kya knew she
couldn’t avoid her feelings any longer. She looked at the clothing
laid out on her bed. It was layers of dark dress clothing that she
had purchased on credit, special for the day. The idea of buying
funeral appropriate clothing, and wearing it for anything else
seemed strange, and as she put on her selections, everything felt
uncomfortable. Her pants felt too tight, and the shirt felt
scratchy. Her socks were itchy, and her shoes attempted to give her
feet instant blisters. It was as though her clothing knew it was
going to be a miserable day and wanted to add to her discomfort.
Once Kya was completely dressed, she looked at her reflection in
the bathroom mirror and was struck for a moment at how much it
reminded her of the man she had met in the alley dressed completely
in black and dark grey. A flash of curiosity was piqued inside of
her mind. She made a promise to herself to follow it and keep her
end of the deal with that man. It was enough to give her a
momentary reprieve from the dour thoughts that she wanted to hide
from. “All set?” Sam said from beyond the door. Snapping back into
the moment, Kya grabbed her small black purse. She checked to make
sure it had tissues, her wallet, cell phone and keys. “I think I
am.” Kya was floored by what she saw as she exited out into the
front hallway: Sam was dressed in a black suit. “I don’t think I’ve
forgotten anything, so we can go whenever you’re ready” Sam said.
He tried to smile lightly, but his eyes betrayed his worry. Kya was
happy that Sam had decided to attend the funeral with her, though
he didn’t give her much choice. When Kya had come home, Sam made
sure she filled him in on the details, and made himself available.
He was also a strong shoulder to cry on as Kya came to terms with
the words written in the text from Amelia’s sister. “Thank you
again for doing this.” She tried not to cry. She tried not to let
the discomfort of her outfit frustrate her. She tried not to think
about the day ahead. Instead, Kya focused on breathing deeply, and
taking each minute as it came.
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