One New Season, Three New Shows

This season, David and I started watching three shows. Two were new to both of us and one was only new to me.

The Voice… David has watched this show for years, but this is the first time I have given the show a chance. There were some singers I really enjoyed and rooted for right from the start. Of those, only one is left. But other singers have grown on me.
I really enjoy the banter between the coaches.
All in all, this show is better than I had expected it to be. I miss my old favourite singers, and it saddens me that next week half the remaining singers will go home. I worry for my current faves, and if they go home I may stop watching the show out of spite.
I have enjoyed the show and I’d recommend this show to music lovers.

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D… I can definitely hear Joss Whedon in the banter between the characters on this show and I like it! The episodes have stand alone plot lines, but they are dropping nuggets of back story and mystery that keep the audience wanting more.
This show makes me excited for the next Avengers movie. I am very much enjoying the weekly adventures through this world.
The basic premise is following Agent Colsen (the dude with the Captain America cards who was taken out by Loki in the Avengers movie) and his band of misfit S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents as they search for, protect or defeat, and solve problems relating to “superheroes/super-villains.
My one criticism would be the constantly dangling carrot of Agent Colsen. Tell us what’s up already!
I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who liked Buffy, Firefly, Angel or Firefly; and to anyone who has gotten a kick out of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor or the Avengers. Heck, if you like action shows with with a sci-fi fantasy twist, check it out.

Atlantis… The BBC filled my heart with joy with their reimagining of the Merlin mythos. They also made me happy with their take on Robin Hood, so I was pretty stoked to start watching Atlantis. And I have to say that the first 15 minutes of the pilot had me excited.
The bad news: it didn’t last. David and I gave this show five and a half episodes, and we just couldn’t take it anymore.
What do you think of when you think of Atlantis?
I think of a technologically advanced ancient city, lost under water. I thought this show would be an awesome chance for some Steampunk stuff. A fantastic mix of old and new… But there’s none of that.
I definitely didn’t think that a show called Atlantis would be a rehash of Greek Myths centered around a fat and bumbling Hercules, Pythagerous (the dude from the Pythagorean theorem – triangles) and a dude named Jason who despite being from the 21st century has no problem adjusting to life in Ancient Greece without any Atlantian advanced technology. He isn’t the slightest bit homesick, and in fact he seems to have completely forgotten his old life.
And don’t get me started on Mouth-Breather-Medusa…
The episodes are very contained and there is really little to make the viewer connect to the characters, and the story just feels old and stale and recycled. I am really disappointed because I had such high hopes for this show on the heels of Merlin and Robin Hood.
I wouldn’t recommend this show unless you have no previous understanding of Greek Mythology or the city of Atlantis.

So there you go. Three shows, one season.

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