Thor: The Dark World

3D glasses donned, David and I took two of his cousins to see Thor: The Dark World last night. I still think 3D is unnecessary. Just so you know.
If you haven’t see Thor or The Avengers, you probably need to watch both of those first in order to get a lot of the little things in this movie, but the larger plot, I think, moves along fine without that background knowledge. Maybe I’m wrong… I’ve seen those other movies, so I have the knowledge.
On the whole I really liked this movies. There were two times that I thought they had made a big oversight, but both were cleared up. One in the after credits scene, but I’ll come back to that later.

There was a bunch of exposition/storytelling at the beginning of the movie that when touched upon again half way through I felt was redundant.
The big bad was cool, the special effects were great! There were some awesome laughs and even some sad moments that this super hero action flick actually pulled off!
As with the two previous movies he has been in (see above) Tom Hiddleston’s Loki steals the show each and every time he is on the screen. My favourite moment from the whole movie is when we see this character at his lowest, just because it is in such contrast to his grandiose confidence at every other moment.

There’s a fun nod to the other superheroes in the Avengers universe and that brought a smile to my face.

As with the other Marvel movies, Stan Lee makes a cameo. And also like the other Marvel movies there are credit scenes. One half way through the credits, sewing seeds for the next Avengers movie, and one at the end just adding joy to the experience and adding to a throw away plot point.

The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, but also doesn’t come across as campy or dumb. I quite enjoyed this movie, and I’d see it again.

2 thoughts on “Thor: The Dark World

  1. I saw this on the weekend and loved it. I have seen The Avengers but not Thor. I am not even close to a comic book junkie. I loved Loki too. He is great. There were some awesome laughs. There are many references that I don’t really understand. The entire time I was thinking, “Must ask Annie about this on Monday!”
    Also, I am pretty sure I am in love with Chris!

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