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With the tall glass building behind her, Kya took a deep breath and considered what had occurred. She was still enraged, thinking about the mediocrity of her Supers, and Don’s insistence that she had been such a horrible employee. As the throbbing in her head subsided slightly, she began to replay the entire confrontation in her mind. In doing so, she had to consider what Don had said. It stung that it was her worst enemy that had said it all, but Kya couldn’t help but wonder if he might have been, at least a little bit, right about her.
Before she had a chance to really reflect, she heard a booming voice yell from Starlife Technologies. “You didn’t think I’d let you leave after I saw what you could do, did you?”
Don Georgetown was moving along the ground, speeding up slowly, like a freight train, his weight seemed to slow his momentum.
In all of her planning, Kya never thought that having Supers would be seen as a problem. She mentally chided herself for not going to the police and using her Supers as a way to coerce them to investigate Elliot’s death. Her heart began to race again. Don still had a lot of ground to cover, but he was closing quickly.
Kya could swear she felt his steps through the concrete slabs. His feet hit the ground like sledgehammers as he propelled himself forward. She looked around at the nearby buildings and hoped there was somewhere for her to go. The bus was still minutes away, and even though she was in broad daylight, in a busier area, she didn’t want to risk seeing what would happen if Don caught up with her.
Rushing into an alley between two large skyscrapers, there were many places to hide, and it was mostly shielded from the daylight. The alley smelled like garbage, and the vents from the sewers exited into the area, making the sour smell worse. Kya crouched down low, and hid behind a small pile of cardboard boxes beside a set of concrete stairs leading into a nearby building.
As she held her breath, she closed her eyes tight. She didn’t wait for any signs that her power was working, but hoped that she couldn’t be seen.
“You can’t hide from me!”
The booming voice sent a shiver down her spine. Kya continued to hold her breath, and considered what she would do if she was found. With her eyes forced open, she looked at a large shadowed figure. His silhouette nearly filled the width of available space, and Kya had to hold in a snicker at the the ridiculous idea that her ex-boss might get stuck between two buildings.
Don picked up one of the nearby trash bins. He held it high over his head and launched it down the alley. It bounced off the walls of the buildings, denting the can into an unrecognizable shape. Kya ducked down further into the boxes, peering out through a small gap between them.
The noise reverberated down the corridor, and Kya quivered. The can hadn’t come anywhere near her, but she could feel the strain in holding her breath, and didn’t know what would happen if she began to breathe. Frozen in place, lungs beginning to burn, she heard Don throw another metal trash can down the alley.
Again, the can bounced around, but didn’t come near the area that Kya was hiding in. At this point, she could see Don’s frustration. He had moved much closer, but was still looking around, spending time quietly listening for any noise.
Don shoved the various boxes, garbage cans and dumpsters out his way. He threw random bags of garbage down the alley, and continued to walk around. Every few attempts, he would stop, and listen intently. Kya watched in horror as he walked within inches of her.
Suddenly, she realized that if she could see Don, that meant she was visible, or at least partly so. She concentrated on her breathing and focused on her Super. Darkness covered her vision again. On instinct, she stopped breathing as well. She heard a noise and felt the shudder as Don kicked the boxes she was hiding behind. She knew if her invisibility failed now, Don would see her.
Kya clamped down. Her body was aching, her muscles twitching. She imagined what it was like to breath, and tried to meditate. After a few moments, Kya heard a noise further along between the two buildings, as Don continued his search.
“Come on!” Don said. His voice was a deep bellow of frustration and anger. Kya listened to him continue his path of destruction through to the back of the building, heading back towards Starlife Technologies.

Kya exhaled loudly, and saw her body instantly appear. It felt as though something was caught in her lungs, and so not wanting to attract attention, she had to cover her mouth and cough deeply. Her whole body felt weak. Each breath was a struggle against the pounding of her heart.
Kya jogged down the street, sweat pouring from her face. She rounded the corner and tried to decide where to go. Her mind was clouded with panic and fear. She couldn’t be sure that Don wouldn’t go to her place to look for her there. He knew where she lived, it was on her employment records.
An image of New Eden flashed into Kya’s mind and she knew that Don wouldn’t find her there, but how long could the First-Gen colony keep her safe? An image of Facillis flashed inside her head, and a chill went down her spine. Kya was not ready to go back there yet.
She slowed to a walk and kept checking around for signs of trouble. She imagined this was how an animal felt when it was being hunted. She took out her phone to text Mattea.
>Can I stay with you for a bit, and lay low? Things went BAD at Starlife.
Kya read over the message before sending it and decided to delete it. How could she hide with Mattea? How could she potentially endanger her friend and her friend’s unborn child?
A startling revelation struck her like a lightning bolt rushing through her mind: what would happen to Sam while she was running away? What if Don went there looking for Kya? Sam needed to know what was going on. With the next bus still half an hour away, Kya turned another corner and hailed a cab. She directed the driver to their apartment building. Phone still in hand, she began another message to Mattea.
>Mattie, I saw Mr. G. It went BAD! I’m alright for now. I don’t know exactly what to do next, but I will figure it out. Right now, please just give me space. I don’t want you or the baby to get hurt. I’ll check in when I can.
She took a deep cleansing breath and hit send.
Kya didn’t pay attention to the meter as she paid the cab driver and got out at her apartment building. She pushed through the front door and rode the elevator up. As she pulled out her keys to open the door her phone buzzed in her pocket. It was Mattea.
>Take care of you.

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