Na Blo Po Mo – Update

Well, We are half way through the month, and I am well on my way to meeting the challenge of writing at least 30 blog posts within the month of November. Including this post and the page of Second Class Supers that went live this morning, I have now written 20 blog posts this month. That averages out to more than a post a day! I have also noticed increased readership of my blog, and that is cool to see.

I don’t know that the quality of my writing has improved with the increased quantity, but I do like that I haven’t run out of things to say! I had hoped I would have seen a bigger improvement on my writing style, and ability to express my thoughts. My limited skill with typing gets in the way sometimes as my brain goes far faster than my hands, and by the time my hands catch up it feels like the best of my thoughts are gone.

I hope all of you who have been reading have enjoyed these little windows into my life. It is nice to go back sometimes and look at what I have written. I hope that I can continue the trend of writing after this month is over, and my own little goal is to write another twenty posts before the end of the month. Here’s hoping I succeed!

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