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The thin man, still sitting idle across from her, nodded slightly as her stomach started to settle. “What was that?” Kya said.
“It’ll wear off in a second. That’s how this Super works. I’ve seen what you have experienced, and I agree that Don Georgetown killed your co-worker. You may go.”
Kya didn’t feel comforted. She tried to stand, but the world seemed to sway slightly, and it took more effort than expected to move towards the door. “Okay, so what happens now?”
In response the man gestured with a small wave of his hand toward the door.
As she grabbed the handle of the door and opened it, the officer that had escorted her was waiting to the right, standing with his back against the wall.
“Everything work out okay?” The officer said as peered in through the open door.
Kya instinctively turned and saw the thin man nod.
“Well, young lady, you can head home. We shouldn’t have any further need of you.” The officer started to walk towards the exit and Kya followed him, feeling better as the moments passed, but still struggling to completely regain her composure.
“What happens now?”
Ignoring Kya’s question the officer continued. “If you are concerned that the suspect may try to hurt you or otherwise retaliate before we are able to apprehend him, you should stay with a friend or family member. Please leave your contact details with Lisa,” the officer pointed at an older, silver haired woman sitting off to the side of the sea of cubicles, “and if you need anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us.”
“Thank you.” Kya said. She felt as though she had a ball of iron the size of her fist sitting inside of her stomach. The dizziness, nausea and stiffness all faded by the time she had walked over to the cubicle pointed out by the officer, but her stomach was still very uncomfortable.
“Name?” The older woman said without even glancing in Kya’s direction.
“Kya Roberts.”
“Is this you?”
Kya looked at the screen, and her information populated. She noted that it included her social media accounts, email accounts, phone number, address and last known occupation.
“Yes, that’s correct, but I don’t work at Starlife Technologies anymore.”
“That’s fine. You can go. We will contact you if we need anything else.” Her voice was shrill and full of disdain. Kya could tell that Lisa had no love for her job.
Stumbling from the Police precinct, Kya walked over to a nearby bus stop. Her whole visit seemed too easy. She thought back to her previous experiences at the police station, and the sour taste that it had left her mouth, and now, thanks to her Supers, she was finally getting respect. The whole thing angered her slightly. Kya knew that everyone should receive the same respect that she just had. She knew that the law should work for everyone. “How easy would it have been to scan my thoughts before and bring those thieves to justice?”
A nearby woman waiting for the bus looked at Kya in shock.
“Sorry. Long day.”
The bus arrived and Kya hopped on and took her usual spot. Looking at her phone, she was saddened to see that there were no new messages. It wasn’t long until the bus was pulling into the main transfer point, and Kya knew she would have to pick a destination. The thought of returning to the apartment while Don was at large, or even worse, being hunted by the police, caused her stomach to churn, reminding her of how upset it still felt.
As she completed her thought, a bus pulled in that she recognized as the route that went to the edge of town and the area where Callidus and the other Shadow Striders lived. Kya wondered if she would be allowed to hide out there until Don was caught? With the decision to go and ask made, she changed busses, and waited until the now familiar route was near the diner.
Three stops before the bus arrived at the edge of town, Kya’s phone buzzed. It was an email from Classic Communication. Fumbling with her phone, she looked at the message.

Hi Kya,
I hope this message finds you well. I have considered your application, and I am happy to say that you are the candidate that we want. Please stop by my office at nine in the morning on Wednesday for orientation. I look forward to having you as part of our team.
Sincerely, Joanne Roddenberry-Roth

Kya walked towards Gennie’s Diner with an extra spring in her step. She was not looking forward to seeing Marge again, but the news that she had received the job at the bookstore and publishing house only added positivity to the day she was having.
As she approached the diner, her thoughts focused less on the message she just received, and more on Marge’s Super. The way Marge could read her mind, even if only thoughts of intent, just made Kya’s skin crawl. She reached out her hand to push the door of the diner open and Marge pulled it from the inside at the same time.
“Hey, Kya,” she said with a smile. “I heard you coming.”
Kya nodded solemnly and said nothing.
“I know you don’t really like my Super.” Marge said, her smile fading. “I forget sometimes that I’m using it. I’m really sorry.”
Kya opened her mouth, but before words could come out Marge began to speak again.
“It must be hard.”
“Please, Marge, let me speak.” Kya said, heavily. “My best friend, Amelia, she could read minds too.”
Marge nodded knowingly.
Kya rubbed her forehead in frustration, and took a deep breath. The diner smelled of fresh apple pies, and despite being empty, the restaurant seemed more welcoming this time. She refocused on attention on Marge. “I know you’re aware of what I intend to communicate, but could you please pretend like it’s brand new information as it leaves my mouth?”
Marge took on a neutral expression. “Sorry, I’ll try.”
“Her Supers were wild and uncontrolled. Before she died,” Kya took a deep breath.
“You don’t have to do this.” Marge’s tone was soft and compassionate.
“Before she died, my conversations with her were erratic. She would read my mind and finish my sentences or respond to things I didn’t say, things I barely even registered thinking. It was insane! And it drove her insane. So seeing you, it sucks.” She wrapped her arms tight around herself. “It’s like sometimes I see her.”
Marge put her hand on Kya’s shoulder, comfortingly. “I’m sorry.”
“Can I get you a slice of apple pie?”
“Sure. Then can you take me to New Eden?”
“Of course!”
Kya felt lighter for having said what she did. The pie tasted delicious, and Marge made polite conversation and tidied up the diner while Kya ate. Kya told her about the job at Classic Communication, and Marge seemed genuinely excited for her.
With Kya’s pie eaten, Marge closed up the diner, and the two women walked toward New Eden.

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