My weird little story – Page 2

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Class ended and I stood, picked up my things and began walking to the door to head for my next class: Math.
“I saw you there.” A girl’s voice said from behind me.
I kept walking. Nobody initiated conversations with me between classes.
“Um, Jeremy?” The same voice said.
I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around. Sophie Highland was just a few steps behind me. She was one of those music geeks. She probably thought she was cool, but in the grand scheme of high school being a music geek was only one step ahead of being invisible. That is, one step ahead of being me.
“I saw you there.” She said again. “In class yesterday.”
Sophie was one of those girls who was pretty without even trying. Naturally pretty, almost unnaturally so. Her long red hair couldn’t decide if it wanted to be straight or wavy, but it didn’t seem like she minded either way. She simply tucked it behind her rather large ears, making them stick out… Not that that was a bad thing, it was just a quirky thing. Her skin was flawless, without the slightest hint of makeup. I’d seen Sophie before, but never this close. She’d never spoken to me before, and I’d never had need to speak to her.
“Uh, yeah.” I cleared my throat. “I was there. Like I said.”
“Why didn’t you argue? You must have a perfect attendance record. Why ruin that because of a teacher’s mistake?”
“It’s alright.” I said, turning to walk again.
I felt Sophie’s hand touch my arm. Her fingers were like little spikes of ice! I pulled away as I turned toward her again. She flinched. I guess I looked mad.
“I’ll talk to Guidance with you about setting it right.”
“You want to argue all my truancies from grades nine and ten too?” I said with a laugh. “Look, Sophie, I appreciate that you want to help, but I am fine with being the guy no one sees.” I started walking again, and Sophie kept pace beside me. “I get good grades and I’m cool with just laying low until I get out of this place.”
“You don’t have to is all I’m saying.” She smiled kindly. “I have to get to Vocal, but maybe I’ll see you at lunch?”
I shrugged.

After Math I headed for the caf and bought myself a poutine and a chocolate milk, then I headed out to the back of the school where I sat on the grass, leaning against the green house of the Agricultural lab. I put my headphones on and turned my music up, staring out at the corn field dancing in the autumn breeze.
I closed my eyes and let my mind drift away into the music as I chewed. A tap on my shoulder roused me, and I opened my eyes to see Sophie’s smiling face. I flinched back and bumped my head on the green house. Sophie stifled a laugh.
“You okay?” She asked.
“Yeah,” I said, “What are you doing here.” I silenced my music and took off my headphones.
“I said I’d see you at lunch.”
“You said ‘maybe’.”
“Same difference. May I sit?” She didn’t wait for my response before sitting next to me. “Wow, it’s so peaceful out here.”
I nodded. “What are you doing here?”

Stay tuned for page 3.

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