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Uncertain if any of her outfits were a good choice to wear for an orientation, Kya felt slightly nervous. She jumped off the bus two stops before her apartment where a wall of clothing stores were near closing for the day. One of the smaller shops had clothing for business women, and didn’t have any bright, offensive colours in its front displays.
Kya wanted to dress up, she wanted to show her new boss that she was professional and excited about the opportunity given to her. Upon entering the store, one of the sales attendants immediately snubbed her and went off to arrange clothing. The store was filled with black, grey and white clothing. There was very little colour to be found, and as much as it pained Kya to not wear colour, she knew that she wanted to make a good impression on her first day.
Picking out a long black skirt, and white button up blouse, Kya felt like she looked a bit more like a librarian. The clothing seemed to add to the new version of herself that she saw reflected back in the mirror. Her purple streak, mostly faded, still added that touch of colour and personality that Kya recognized as a key part of who she was, even now, after everything that had happened.
The cashier made eye contact with Kya, but only for a moment. “Will you be needing to set-up a payment account for your purchases today?”
“No.” Kya felt slightly offended, but pulled her bank card from her wallet and tapped it on the sensor. It was now the principle of the purchase, to prove that she could. The poor service she received frustrated her, but she recognized their attitude as par for the course in her life.
The machine came back with a flashing message saying that the transaction had been approved. Kya felt triumphant.
The whole demeanor of the cashier changed. A smile flashed upon her face, she stood straighter and looked directly at Kya. “Is there anything else you need? That outfit would look amazing with a belt.”
Kya grabbed her purchase and rushed out the door. She knew that she would need to do more shopping trips if she was going to have a wardrobe of work clothing, but with a nearly empty bank account, she was going to have to be more thrifty with her other purchases.

From the hallway of her building, Kya could hear pots and pans rattling around from inside her apartment. She tried the handle before taking her keys out to unlock the door. The door opened and Kya walked in. She set her clothing bag on the floor next to the table near the front door. She then placed her keys in the bowl and timidly entered the apartment.
“Hey Kya.” Sam’s voice came muffled from the kitchen. His tone was low, and not very animated. “Come on in, I’m just making dinner.”
She couldn’t tell if he was concentrating or upset. She slowly inched towards the kitchen.
“What are you making?”
“Nothing too exciting, but it smells okay, doesn’t it?”
Kya took a deep breath. “Yeah.” She smiled slightly at Sam and he reciprocated.
“It’s almost ready, why don’t you grab yourself a seat and I’ll be over with the food in a minute.”
“Okay.” Kya poured herself a glass of pop, and walked to the table which had already been set for two. She sat in her usual spot, on the far side of the table facing the kitchen. Sam brought over the food, a pan of roasted chicken breasts and vegetables, and a pot of mashed potatoes.
“So, a lot has happened recently, wouldn’t you say?” Sam served himself some food as he spoke and Kya felt for a moment like she was about to get a lecture from her father.
“Yeah.” She said, staring at her empty plate.
“You seem different. I mean for one thing, you have a sunburn on your face.”
Kya touched the bridge of her nose and her mind transported her back to working in the garden with Henry, Brooke and the others.
“I have no idea what’s been going on with you since…” Sam closed his mouth like he wasn’t sure he should finish his sentence.
“Since Amelia’s funeral.” Kya finished it for him, and nodded. “I’ve been dealing with a lot and taking time to process it all. You’re right, I am different. I have these powers, but more than that, there’s something bigger that I can’t articulate.”
“If you want to talk about it, I’m here. But it seems like I’m not the person you want to talk to these days. I hardly see you anymore, and when I do it’s not for long.”
Kya’s chest turned hot. Sam had been like family to her, closer even than her own family, and she was scared of what he was going to say next. Kya served her food without saying a word.
“Look, Kya, you know that I can carry the cost of this apartment on my own. If you don’t want to live here anymore, I understand.”
Her mouth went dry, and she took a big gulp of her pop.
“But if you want to stay, you are more than welcome to. I really do enjoy having you as my roommate, and if I can help you through everything that’s going on, I’d really like that. I just don’t want us to be strangers who live in the same house.”
“I get that, Sam, I really do. And I want to live here more than I can express. And I want to tell you everything.” Kya grinned, and suddenly realizing how hungry she was shoveled potatoes into her mouth.
Over dinner, they discussed in detail her experiences with the First Gens, and New Eden. They talked about Don Georgetown, and her limited powers. She told him about her experience with the police, and for the first time, Kya spoke out loud about Facilis, and how she wasn’t able to save him.
Sam listened, and asked questions. Kya felt that he was really trying to understand her, and help her understand herself.
When Kya had eaten too much, and the conversation was dying down, she felt content. Her night had gone better than she ever could have dreamed. She stood and grabbed her shopping bag from earlier.
“What’s in the bag?” Sam said.
“I bought some nice clothing for my orientation at work.”
“Smart move. I’m sure you’ll do great.”
Kya knew Sam was sincere, and she felt a warm glow surrounding her. “We should go out for shawarma soon.”
“Definitely.” Sam responded.

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