A New Look For A New Year – Part 2

As soon as I had finished my last post, David and I started working on the look you currently see.
David took the lead, as I had no idea how to change my theme, nor did have any idea what I wanted. We sat down and David asked me to brainstorm what I wanted. I said…
-More mature
-Dropdown menus were okay (those may be coming when David figures out how to make them work)
-Something grown-up but still girly.
-Maybe whimsical
-Unique and personal

We started looking through the themes for WordPress, and checked the whimsical options, I was not a fan. We searched through just general themes and I kind of liked the Misty Lake one. David started asking me what I likes and what I didn’t. I liked how the side menus blended into the background except when you hovered the mouse over them. I didn’t like how white everything was nor did I like the green line at the top. I liked the picture, but wanted one of my own there. I stated playing with the colours and selected a light and a dark purple and a light and a dark green. I also selected a dark blue. David made note of my custom colours and then I started pointing to what I’d like in each colour. I also thought it would be a nice idea if the category tabs (which may eventually become drop down menus for general posts, wedding posts, movie and tv reviews, and works of fiction) could follow down the page if a reader scrolls. David made that happen.

As we made tweaks, I started to have second thoughts about my blue, so we played around with it and I settled on a slightly different blue that worked a bit better.

Once I was happy with all the tweaks, David set up his camera equipment and I arranged the book and flowers that I had decided I wanted for my picture. We took twenty shots, and ended up selecting the twentieth.

David figured out the right size to crop it to, and then I asked him to tweak the colours… He had to decipher what I meant by things like “naturalize the greens”. I think he did a great job listening to me! He suggested a vignette and after showing me the picture with and without I agreed that it looked great!

So, here is a comparison of my little piece of the Internet.

I think we were able to do all the things I had said I wanted in my initial brainstorming. It is more mature and grown-up, it’s whimsical and uniquely personal. There aren’t drop down menus, but really, that’s a small thing. I’m super happy with the way the site looks. What do you think?

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