A New Look For A New Year

I think it’s time to redecorate around here. I picked the look of this site from a bunch of pre-made themes, and even though it’s kind of quirky, it isn’t unique.

I don’t see my site when I’m writing posts, and I don’t usually preview my posts as they will appear on my site. But when I’m playing around with pictures I do preview to make sure they’re where I want them to be and a good size. A lot of the posts I’ve written recently have had pictures in them and so I’ve actually been staring at my site a lot. And I plan to use more pictures, because looking back through my posts those ones seem more interesting to me, so I’ll probably be looking at my site even more.
This look has lost it’s shiny for me.

I think it is time for a make-over. Something more unique, and more distinctly me. I don’t know what it’ll look like, but be prepared, thing will be a-changin’!

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