Flight of the Navigator

I used to love this movie when I was a kid. But I’ll confess I hadn’t seen it in a good fifteen years. Out of the blue two days ago I had the urge to watch it, so I asked David if he could get his hands on a copy of Flight of the Navigator.

If you haven’t seen it, then there will probably be some spoilers below, but I’ll try to avoid them if I can.

The movie was made in 1986 and definitely feels like it was made in the 80s. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In the opening credits, I noticed Sarah Jessica Parker was in the movie, I couldn’t figure out who she would be. David knew who she played, but I told him not to tell me.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that although I remembered the movie I had forgotten how it all fit together.

NavigatorI was pleased with how well the special effects held up considering the movie is almost 30 years old! There was only one entirely cringe-worthy green screen shot. The ship still looked sleek, the ship under a tarp on the back of the truck still had me mesmerized!

The scope of the plot and the pacing surprised me though; I guess because today’s movies have so much going on. This story was really just about David. It was his adventure and it explored the unknown world around him, taking him on a mind-blowing adventure through space and time without ever leaving his “home”.
By today’s standards it was slow, and small. I know that if they were to remake this movie David’s adventure would take him to other planets, more time would be spent on the scientist’s side of it – trying to figure out this alien race and why they were here and what their intentions were. There would probably be a battle. Guns, explosions, the wow factor from the special effects.

A look at Joey Cramer now-ish and back in 1986.

A look at Joey Cramer now-ish and back in 1986.

The magic of this story is in David’s journey to a world so familiar, and yet so foreign to him. Where nothing is quite right, and how he finds his way through it, and ultimately decides what he is willing to risk to return home. The story doesn’t have to be big or action packed.

It got inside my mind and made me imagine what I would do if that ship found me.

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