I have actually seen this movie twice. Once with just David and once with David and our nieces, a five year old and two and a half year old. I’m glad we had seen the movie together before we took the girls to it because although they were awesome, 102 minutes is too long for a two year old to sit still.
Okay, so you’re probably wanting me to get to the review already.
I have a soft spot for Disney princess movies, especially the musicals. My favourite has always been Beauty and the Beast. I did really enjoy Brave, but I missed the singing in it.

Frozen has the singing in it that I love so much! Frozen also has strong lead female characters. That’s right characters.

Disney_anna_cutout_2013 Anna is the younger sister, she is more carefree and really lives in the moment. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she is fun to watch. You could argue that she is the main character in the story.

I’m really trying to avoid spoilers here, but it’s hard! Anna has some real shining moments. The song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” does a great job of storytelling the passage of time and really gives a depth to her character, in a sweet and easily accessible way.

As a younger sister, there were definitely moments where I identified with Anna: trying to be seen as a grownup, wanting attention from her sister.
I really loved how part of Anna’s story line pops a hole in one of the Disney princess movie archetype. I’m not going to tell you how or what archetype, but it is about time!

As this song is more related to Anna than to Elsa I’m going to address it here. There is a song called “Fixer Upper” and the first time we watched the movie, about half way through the song David turned to me and said “This is exactly the message we want to send to young girls” his voice dripping with sarcasm. I have to admit that I was thinking the same thing and kind of tuned out to it. But the second time we saw the movie, I actually listened to the whole song, and by the end the message of the song came through. I have to say, I like the message of the song, and I’m glad that they put it in there. But I worry that the message will be lost due to the execution. It is easy to tune out early and miss it, and how long are the attention spans of the intended audience? Did either of our nieces get it? No. Did they get the song at all? No. What they got out of the movie was this. “I love Elsa! I wish I could be Elsa!”

She is the older sister. Weighed down by responsibility, and secrets. The complexity of her character shows through quickly.

In making this movie it could have been very easy to make Elsa the villain. That is not the case, and the story telling, music, look of the character, and voice all work together to help the audience see that she is definitely not the villain. Here, Disney has done away with another classic archetype, and again I’m not going to tell you exactly what it is. But Elsa’s motivation as well as the motivation of the periphery characters is quite clear.

The team who came up with the idea and put together Frozen have done an amazing job of making a unique movie with memorable and endearing characters. I hate snowmen and even I love Olaf, the snowman who loves warm hugs and dreams of summer. The songs are wonderful, and easy to sing along to, and the breaks with tradition that this story makes are definitely some of its best features.

Would I recommend you go see this movie? Yup! Without a doubt!
It’s even nudged it’s way towards the top spot for my favourite Disney princess movie. Belle is still up there, but Anna and Elsa are ahead of Merida.

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