Well, That Was Stupid

I have been getting excited about independent publishing recently and I decided to download an ebook off of Amazon. It’s a Kindle ebook and I’ve never used kindle before, but I was like “That’s cool, I’ll just download the Kindle App to my iPad”. The Kindle App won’t download though because it requires a later version of the iOS than I have. It tells me to update my iOS and then try again. It only offers a cancel button that when pressed simply terminates the download without offering any other options.

Silly me! I forgot that I have been un-successful at upgrading the iOS on my iPad since version 5.1! So, the Kindle app won’t download. Yeah. So I hop on my rickety old PC and touch base with my old pal Google. Turns out I can get access to an older version of Kindle… By first downloading the latest version on my iOS 7 device. I ain’t got no iOS 7 device! My iPhone didn’t have enough storage after iOS 6! Arrrghhh!!!

So I go looking through the help stuff on the Kindle side of things, and they say I have to download the latest version of Kindle to my iTunes library (stupid waste of disk space on my archaic and mostly deadified laptop). I open iTunes there and surprise, surprise! It wants to update! every time I open iTunes it want’s to update! I close the update request and go searching for the Kindle App. I find it and download it. I then go back to the app store on my iPad and click the button to download the Kindle App. It tells me this version is not compatable with my current iOS but that I can download an older version, and now it gives me 2 options! Upgrade to iOS 7 (Which ain’t gonna happen) or download the older version.

Now, between the first time I tried downloading the app and the last time absolutely nothing changed on my iPad! This is just a ridiculous bunch of hoop jumping to make consumers believe that their devices are obsolete so that they will continue to buy new devices! Kindle makes their money not off the “sale” of their free app though! So really they don’t care what iOS I’m running as long as I’m buying their ebooks.

In the end, I’m just annoyed at how much of my time was wasted on this when all I wanted to do was read a sci-fi novel by an independent author! Gah!

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