The Good

There are so many good things about being married to the man I love, and being just the two of us. There are of course the big memories like our wedding and our honeymoon, but we have also been blessed with the gift of time that couples who have kids right away don’t get. These are the little joys that make me so happy I am with my amazing hubby on this journey

We often get Saturday morning cuddles. Sleeping in on a Saturday and waking up slowly is a luxury I have loved pretty much forever. Having my hubby wrap me up in a big warm hug and snore in my ear with his morning breath while the sun peeks in through our window is a bliss like none other. I really do love waking up slowly on Saturday mornings with my man. It’s a pretty awesome part of my week.

We love our movies, and our movie theatre popcorn. Pretty much any movie that catches our interest, we find a way of seeing in the theatre. This is such a luxury, and so much fun for both of us. We have little things we do each time like giving each of the previews a thumbs up or thumbs down as to whether or not we’d like to see the movies. It’s not surprising we often agree.

We both like to game, and write, and devour tv series. I love to read, he loves photography, I love to sing, he loves technology. We have time to work on our shared interests and so share encouragement and interest in eachother’s passtimes that we don’t necessarily share. When the weather is nice we go for walks together, and we also might go on a trip together from time to time.

Things are just things and in the grand picture things don’t make you happy. That said, with both of us working we are able to get new toys from time to time. It’s kind of nice to be able to come home to a place we like, to get a new dress or a new pair of jeans if they look really cute. It’s nice to be able to get board games to play with family and friends.

There are also the quiet moments, when we can just exist with each other. I love the way without words that he can be exactly what I need.

Yes, we would love our little family to grow, but there is so much love and joy between the us in our family of two. This time together is definitely a wonderful blessing and I do not take that for granted.

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