PCOS: Five Ways It Ain’t So Bad

It’s easy to complain, eh?

Well, not today. Today I’m going to share with you five truths I have known about living with PCOS and how it really isn’t so bad. These are definitely not in any sort of order… But I will number them.

1. Let’s face it. No girl actually likes when Aunt Flo comes for a visit. Having PCOS means that our visits are fewer and farther between. Sure, they still really suck when they do finally come, but at least it’s not every month like clockwork. It also means we spend less cash supplies. Really, that’s a win.

2. The first person to know if something is wrong with your body is you. You go to the doctor to get answers about why things aren’t quite right. If your diagnosis of PCOS explains the things you know aren’t right, that answer can make all the difference. Knowing what’s wrong gives you the chance to form a plan and come to terms with it all.

3. There are a lot of terrible diseases out there, things where when you get a diagnosis you pretty much get a death sentence. PCOS isn’t like that. Not at all. You can live a long and fulfilling life with PCOS. It won’t kill you.

4. In the day to day the symptoms of PCOS are pretty easy to live with, and when you’re at a point when you want to have kids, or if you want to get rid of the extra hair or the extra weight, there are ways to do all of those things and the success rates of different treatments are pretty good, it’s just a matter of working with the right expert to find the right course of action for you.

5. You’re not alone. It’s amazing how many women have been here to support me in my journey by telling me their stories since I started sharing my own story. It’s easy, when fertility is a surprisingly silent subject, to feel like you’re the only one who feels this way, that you’re the only one who is going through this. You’re not though. If you’re wondering if this feeling or that side effect is normal, just ask. Ask a forum, ask a friend… Write a blog post… You’ll find out that you’re not alone and you can help those other women through their stories and they can help you.

One thought on “PCOS: Five Ways It Ain’t So Bad

  1. I like that you are finding worthy positives even while you’re going through tough stuff. Continuing to pray for you of course!

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