This Is Temporary

So often it’s easy to get swept up in the moment. To feel like whatever you’re experiencing will never end. Whether good or bad, it’s easy to get lost in the thought that it will always be this way.

This year has been full of changers for me, and it was easy for a while to believe that we would always be packing or unpacking. In fact we are still in the process of unpacking…

Being on a medication earlier this year that made me feel perpetually ill, it was easy to think that I would always feel sick and the meds would never do what they were prescribed to do.

Going through some new medical stuff, I’ve made three words my mantra. This is temporary.

Everything is temporary. Look at how fast the world changes. Look at how fast kids grow. Look at the seasons changing… Sometimes it feels like winter will never end, yet here I am in a tee shirt. It’s all temporary.

Even when it’s struggles, exhaustion, pain… This is temporary. Even when it’s a perfect evening with the ones you love… This is temporary. My hope for myself going forward is that I can appreciate the impermanence of the moments in my life, both good and bad. I hope that I can use my memories of these moments to help me cherish the good and weather the hard stuff with grace and hope.

Right now it seems to be working.

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