PCOS: You’ll Learn Things You Never Knew You Never Knew

When I started on my Fertility journey, I naively thought that I knew what I was getting myself into. I thought that I was prepared for whatever was coming. I thought I knew what my body was capable of at it’s best and worst. I was wrong!

I thought I knew what mood swings were before Metformin. I was wrong. I thought I knew what heartburn, and digestive distress were before Metformin, I was wrong. I thought that I had a pretty good understanding of a killer visit from Aunt Flo before Provera, I was wrong! Ohhhhhh was I wrong!!! I thought I understood what hot flashes would be like before I took Serophene, I was totally wrong!

But I also thought that my fertility journey was something my husband and I would tackle totally on our own. I was wrong. I have had some amazing women share with me their personal stories, their insight, and advice. We have had concern and support from both women and men in our life. We have also had people reach out to us for support and advice as they start their own fertility journeys. It’s amazing to me how something that felt so strange to talk about a few short years ago I am so open about now and able to help other people through.

I also thought I knew what was the full extent of the issues with my body because of the tests I had done about five years ago. Again, I was wrong. The more extensive tests I went through with the fertility doctor showed that my bicornuate uterus was actually a misdiagnosis. My uterus is completely healthy, it just has a slightly thicker top than most. It’s about 2mm thicker in the middle than normal, but this is in no way going to affect my body’s ability to carry a baby to term. The thicker part of my uterus looks bicornuate from certain angles and this is probably what got me that diagnosis. I still have PCOS, but I see the misdiagnosis of a bicornuate as a miracle.

This process and each step of this process is opening my eyes to just how much I take for granted. It’s humbling, and I am so glad for the opportunity to learn what I’m learning and then to share that knowledge with others.

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