Lilies for Lily

After the passing of our sweet precious daughter, Lily. I was shocked and amazingly comforted by a form of support that spread across my facebook account…

I was having a hard time reading the messages of sympathy and support. It was hard to read through my tears and I struggled to find words to respond. I know that all these people only meant well, but still, it was hard.

Then something beautiful happened!


It started with some of my family members changing their profile pictures and/or banners to a photo of a white lily that one of my nieces took this summer. I decided to change my profile picture to a lily too. I picked a purple and yellow lily that I thought was beautiful. My dear wonderful David changed his as well.

As the hours and the days went on more and more lillies blossomed, bright and colourful. Lilies, calla lilies, lilies of the valley, water lilies. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well these pictures were worth far more to me. A beautiful sign of all the lives my amazing daughter had touched.

Some people made their profile pictures a lily, some people posted a picture of a lily to my wall, some people just shared a lily. Sometimes with messages, sometimes with none. My heart was warmed by every lily I saw.

My husband and I even found out about friends of friends, distant acquaintances who had paid tribute to our daughter and our profound loss. It amazes me that my little girl, alive for only 18 weeks and entering the world only after her passing, could reach so far and touch so many hearts. There were over a thousand people praying for us and offering their love and support. Some sharing stories of their own losses.

Lily is still so loved. She will always be loved. Her short life burned so bright, she reached across the continent and touched hearts from coast to coast. Her story has helped others in their own grief, and helped others to understand the value of our time in this world. I am so proud of her.

My dear sweet daughter taught me something very special…
There are no feet so small they can’t leave footprints, no hands so small they can’t touch lives.



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