Second Class Supers For Everyone!

I can’t believe we did it! I can’t believe David and I actually published our first book! I can’t believe there are people as far away as Germany and Finland with printed copies of our words!

It was a long process. We started this book when we were just dating. Three years and a whole lot of life experiences later, we can each hold a copy of our book in our hands. We sent out the paperback copies to the Kickstarter backers and I felt really bad for the people at the post office when we brought in 25 copies of our book to be mailed. Mostly we sent them to places in Canada, but there were some for the states and as I said before, one for Germany and one for Finland. We decided to save the cost of shipping by hand delivering the ones we could.

We also sold copies through facebook to people who didn’t back our Kickstarter. We had ordered 15 extra books in our first shipment, and through facebook we sold all of those in less than a day. We’ve even got a bunch of people who wan a copy from our next shipment, which we should receive around mid-January.

We decided to autograph the copies that people buy directly from us, and we were doing it as an assembly line I’d take the book out of the box, sign it, pass it to David, he’d sign it and cross it off the list… Sounds easy enough… Except that the more we signed the more trouble I had spelling my name. My mind would drift and my name would end up with three Ns or two Is or one N or I’d miss the R in my last name, or some other weird mis-spell. David finally told me to just sign it like I was signing a cheque. That kind of worked.

When it came to addressing the envelopes for the books being mailed I started by writing all the return addresses, I was doing fine except that I kept writing Apt 604. Our building doesn’t even have 5 floors let alone 6! So I’d scribble it out and write in the right apartment number. David saw that the struggle was real and started helping with the return addresses. Then he read off the mail to addresses to me so I could write them. Despite my uncharacteristic writing failures, I have much more legible penmanship than David, so I was tasked with the writing. I had to get him to go letter my letter for some of the place names that I was unfamiliar with. I think next time we’ll print the addresses.

As I said before I felt quite bad for the people at the post office when we went to mail the books. When we got there there was no line up, there was one woman working the desk and she was most helpful! Very quickly the line behind us grew to five, then ten… The phone was ringing off the hook, 15 people behind us in line and less than half way through processing the books. The lady stayed positive. We apologized to her and to the others waiting. Another lady came to help out and the line behind us started moving. I was pleasantly surprised with the way everyone handled the inconvenience and all in all it was a positive experience.

We have started getting back feedback as people are already finishing the book. Mostly it has been positive, though there have been a couple of typos pointed out to us. And one person said they got a little tired of the character descriptions. But you can’t 100% please everyone 100% of the time and even the people who have given us the not as positive stuff have said they enjoyed the book. It’s nerve wracking now that it’s out there for others to see and read and critique. I want them to like our word babies and I feel bad when they don’t.

All in all, this is part of the writing experience and I definitely have a greater appreciation for other authors now.

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